Embroidered Christmas stocking

Laura at Bugs and Fishes is organising a Christmas project link which I’m taking part in.  Today you’ll get my project, and I’ll post a link to everyone else’s projects as soon as possible – to keep you busy!  stocking

I decided to make a little embroidered stocking, using lazy daisy stitch to look a bit like snowflakes.


  • Felt
  • Stocking template
  • Embroidery floss in at least 3 colours
  • Small piece of ribbon to hang


  • Draw your stocking template on paper.  My stocking is around 11cm long and from heel to toe is it 8cm.
  • Use your template to draw 2 stockings onto the felt, and cut them out.
  • Randomly embroider 2 to 3 lazy daisy’s in each colour.  I love lazy daisy stitch as it is one of the first embroidery stitch I remember doing on a mini-sampler table cloth which I was dead proud of!  I have taken a picture of the instructions from my grans very old copy of “Weldons Encyclopedia of Needlework.”

lazy daisy stitch

  • I then filled in the gaps with smaller stitches, to do a bit of a seed stitch effect.

closeup embroidery

  • Finally, sew to two stockings together, and sew the ribbon into place at the top of the stocking.

5 thoughts on “Embroidered Christmas stocking

    • Thank you very much – I love doing lazy daisy. I’m working on another lazy daisy project at the minute, I’m hoping to post at least some of it soon…..

  1. Adorable tutorial Jude! I am such a wimp when it comes to embroidery. I have yet to try my hand at it (I know, shame on me). But these lazy daisies … They are appealing.

    I love the little details that remind me of cupcake sprinkles all over the little stockings. So cute and making me hungry 😉

    xx A

    • Lazy daisy is so easy – the little 7 year old me managed it! I though sprinkles too with the seed stitch. That is even easier, maybe you could try that one? x

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