May giveaway winner

Apologies for the delay in getting the results out.  The same as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I have been “travelling” (and also making the most of the glorious sunny weather).

Anyway, the winner (chosen by random number generator) is……


I will be sending you an email to get your address and your goodies will be winging their way over to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for everyone who entered, and hello to all new followers!  I would love to know if anyone has won anything exciting during the Sew Mama Sew Giveway.  I’m not holding out much hope for myself, as I never, ever win anything!  I actually won something, how exciting!  I won a bundle of lovely blue fabrics from Crafty Sorcha.  They will go really nicely with some blues I have at home, to make another mini quilthello graphic

(I found this cute picture on Pinterest – from Esther Aarts design, who is selling some rather lovely prints on her website).


May giveaway still open!

**Giveaway is now closed**

Just a quick post to say hello to all new followers and thanks to all who have entered the giveaway so far!  I’m just sorry I can’t keep up with all the comments.  SewMamaSewMayGiveawayDayIt will be open until 16 May, so you can still enter if you like. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post so I know you’ve entered.  Check out Sew Mama Sew for literally HUNDREDS of other giveaways which are also taking place this week.  I may have entered one or two of the supplies ones myself, but I never win anything so not holding out much hope!

May giveaway!

**Giveaway is now closed**

Better late than never – as promised a few weeks ago, I am having a May giveaway!  At the request of UK city crafter it is jewellery in the form of one of my button brooches and a pair of rose earrings.giveaway may 2014How to enter

Please drop me a comment to say you are taking part, and feel free to spread the word, and let everyone know about it!  If you’d like to follow my blog somehow (through WordPress, Bloglovin, Twitter or Facebook) that’d be great too.

The competition will close on 16 May 2014, at 5 pm PST.  After that, I’ll compile the comments, number them and draw a random number.  I’ll announce a winner on 18 May 2014.  Make sure you pop back to see if it is you 🙂

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day 2014

I am linking up with the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day.  This has links to loads and loads of giveaways, for both supplies and handmade items.  Go and have a look and try your luck!  SewMamaSewMayGiveawayDay

Terms and Conditions

– Winners will be announced on the 18 May 2014.  Please check back to see if you are a winner, as I need to ship the items by 20 May 2014.

– Open to anyone on planet Earth.

Spotlight on Washed and Found

Today’s spotlight is on Washed and Found, who makes lovely beachy themed jewellery.  I also love beachcombing.  I think one of the best things I have found is a piece of drift wood shaped like a J, and I always hold out for something truly amazing!

My name is Suzanne Francis.  I have always like to make things since I was a small child, but have been making beaded jewellery for well over 8 years, including wire work and children’s fimo clay jewellery.  I’m self taught so no formal qualifications in jewellery making.

seaglass heart earrings

I have focused on sea glass jewellery in the last 2-3 years for which I have a particular passion for.  I have collected sea glass for many years and have quite a large collection.  I live in London, so whenever I go on holiday around the coast I find myself combing the beaches for sea glass, driftwood and any other interesting things – it’s quite addictive.

I used to sell at local markets and also through a website, but I decided to put my focus and energy into making mainly sea glass jewellery, and selling it through my Folksy shop. It’s still quite young – under 6 months, but has been really well received which I’m really enjoying – it’s a great confidence booster.  I also stock sea glass beads, stamped keyrings and love working with copper wire and washers.

seaglass beads
It’s hard to say which is my favourite thing to make, as I enjoy all of it so much.  I suppose I get a particular thrill in making my drilled heart pieces, when they are made up into pendants etc – it’s nice to look at them and think, I made that!  It’s something that takes a little more time and skill to make – which adds to the enjoyment and satisfaction.
seaglass heart necklace

Any tips?

I think the main tips for anyone thinking about selling jewellery successfully is that they should enjoy what they make.  Your enthusiasm and passion should come through in how you present your work to your customers as well.  You spend all that time making it so you want to make it look it’s most attractive, be consistent with your items and photos – it gives your shop front a more professional feel.

Promotion is also another must, I found when I started that my items would get lost among the thousands of other listed items, so I found creating a facebook page and posting on pinterest spreads the word and generates more sales.  It’s taken me quite a long time to arrive at this point, so it’s not been a quick journey but an evolving one.

Where to find Washed and Found 

Washed and Found Folksy shop

Washed and Found on Pinterest

Washed and Found on Facebook

Spotlight on Heartmade Beejoux

Today’s spotlight is on Heartmade Beejoux, who makes beaded jewellery.  I particularly love the cake necklace, and Monica also has some great tips for craft sellers.

My name is Monica and I am the designer at Heartmade Beejoux.  I am 28 years old and I moved to the UK almost a year ago.  I’ve always been attracted to beading, ever since I was 5 and transformed one of mum’s broken necklaces in a bracelet for myself.  I wore it for a very long time and since then I knew I would like to make more.  I started beading more seriously when I received a professional jewellery making tool kit.  I was so excited about the whole process that I ended up buying tiny beads.  I got better at that now! heartmade beejoux cake necklaceI always ask myself if I’d wear the item I’m making, so I end up making lots of bracelets.  I love wearing bracelets and watches!  I only make bespoke items and you can find a piece of my soul in every item.  I love each one of them in their own little way.  Of course it happens often when I have a finished item that I ask myself if I’d wear it and end up not selling it in the end.  That’s the fun of beading, I suppose! 


Any tips?

I’ve been selling on various websites throughout the years, but now I can be found on Etsy and Folksy.  One of the most important aspects to selling my items online are the photos.   They make a real difference.  They are the best way to show my customers exactly what they will get, and they are what sticks in a buyer’s mind when they are making their choice. 

I only started my blog for a couple weeks now, so I am still learning on that side – baby steps – but I found it’s very important to keep it updated, to keep people coming back.

heartmade beejoux teal and goldI love the craft world and currently am a full time beader, sharing my time between beads and social media, from my home in Surrey.

Where to find Heartmade Beejoux

Folksy –
Website –

Last chance to enter giveaway!

**Giveaway now closed**

Last change to enter my giveaway – it is closing today.  All you need to do is follow my blog by bloglovin or email, or like my facebook page.  Then drop me a comment to let me know which one you have done. Giveaway Collage

Along with the goodies in the picture, I will also include some other nice bits – when I contact the winner I will ask you what your chosen craft is, or if you’re not crafty, what sort of jewellery you like most.

The terms and conditions can be found in the original post, and the winner will be announced on 9 December 2013.

Giveaway day!

**Giveaway now closed**

In honour of the fact I have been blogging for nearly a year, I’m having a giveaway.  giveaway catThe goodies will include the following:

  • one of my owl keyrings
  • a button brooch
  • a pair of yellow rose earrings
  • packet of vintage buttons

I will also include some other surprises!

Giveaway Collage

How to enter

If you would like to enter, please take a couple of minutes to follow my blog (via bloglovin or email) or like my facebook page and post a comment saying which option you have chosen to let me know you have entered.  Please feel free to spread the word, and let everyone know about it!

The competition will close on 5 December 2013.  After that, I’ll compile the comments and announce a winner on 9 December 2013.  Make sure you pop back to see if it is you 🙂

Terms and Conditions

– Genuine followers only please. 
– You can enter as many times as you like. Each comment or like is counted as one entry.
– Winners will be announced on the 9 December 2013.  Please check back to see if you are a winner, if prizes are not claimed within 2 weeks I will chose another entrant.
– Open to anyone on planet Earth.