Flora Waycott

In my browsing for lovely artwork for Wordless Wednesday, I have come across the wonderful little website of Flora Waycott. She has some absolutely beautiful images and patterns on her website, as well as details of where you can purchase her prints (including online through Etsy).

This is one of my favourite, craft-themed images.

sewing and making flora waycott

Sewing and making by Flora Waycott

Perfect bird fabric ATC

As it has ended up being a cold and wet Bank Holiday, I have been doing some crafting. I finished my ATC for the Very Berry Handmade swap (with time to spare – it needs to be posted in early September). The theme is getting away from it all, and my partner apparently likes nature and animals.  perfect bird fabric  atcI used so many little scraps up to make it, and was aiming for a little bit rough and ready. The bird was cut out from one piece of fabric, and I sewed on a tiny bead for the eye. The background was made out of some of my favourite fabric ever, it had embroidered flowers and leaves all over it. I only had a tiny piece though. The other green and yellow fabric is what I used to make my cat from ages ago.

I ended up using a bit of the Beatrix Potter fabric I used to make bunting from as backing for the bird, and to cut out the “perfect.” I have learnt from bitter experience that my handwriting is not good enough for decorative purposes. I am toying with the idea of getting a set of letter stamps for the future to make printed fabric. The little button I found after going though my button collection to find the right one to finish it off. I then promptly dropped it and lost it under to sofa, but luckily I had a spare!

There are a couple already up on the Very Berry Handmade Flickr page, why not take a look?

Papier mache bird tutorial

Following my post last week about working with Fantastic Ribbons, I’ve finally completed my papier mache bird. It is on the top shelf of our handmade alcove unit, and looks quite sweet. The method which I came up with to make my bird could easily be used to make any different papier mache shape, including letters. If you get around to trying it out, I would love to see how you get on.papier mache bird

How to make a papier mache bird

Cut out two bird templates from some thin cardboard (a cereal box works well) and cut thin strips (approximately 1.5cm wide) out from the card. These will make the sides of your bird and also the blocks to keep the shape.

bird templateUsing the strips of card, make three circles, and strategically tape them into place on your bird template (as shown below). This will keep the shape of your bird as you start building it.

bird with box to keep the shape

Balance the two templates on top of each other, using the circles to maintain the shape. Tape the thin cardboard strips around the edge using masking tape, and use more tape to secure the whole shape together. Keep taping until it is fairly sturdy. taped bird

Make sure your bird can stand up on its own. If not, tape a small flat piece of card on the bottom to make a stand (you can just see this in the picture above).

Messy bit (which I forgot to photograph)! – stick strips of white paper onto the shape using PVA glue.  Leave to dry completely. Do a second layer on top, made from kitchen roll.

How you decorate is up to you. Paint or decoupage would work lovely. I am lazy, so I edged mine with my washi tape from Fantastic Ribbons, and used an old book of flowers to decorate the sides. The little wing is made from an old map, and a button.

completed bird

Earring bonanza!

I feel like I have been neglectful of my blog recently, but I have been so busy.  Mainly making stuff ready for the craft fair which is now just over a month away!

To go with the fabric button studs, I have made these dangly fabric and crystal earrings in a range of different colours. fabric and crystal earrings

I have also made lots of brass and copper earrings, with different charms and bead combinations. copper brass bird earrings Please check out my Folksy page if you like the look of anything, I have added a few more goodies as well.

In other news – I have had some more information about the Very Berry Handmade ATC swap.  The theme is Autumn, and my thinking cap is well and truly on.  I just need to try and put something down on paper!

Charm necklaces

Today it is a bit wet, cold and miserable here and I’m not feeling motivated to get anything going.  This is exacerbated by the fact I have a few bits and bobs in the post which means I can’t complete a couple of my projects.

I am mid way through making some button pendants, which I can’t wait to show!  They should be more or less done by the end of the week.  In the mean time, I have these charm necklaces to show.  I hope you like them – they are mainly bird and sewing themed.


I went a bit mad buying manila labels on the weekend, but they do seem to make everything look much more classy somehow.

Bird bunting

Hello!  I have finally cranked up the computer and managed to add a post!  I have just finished making some bunting for my sister – very exciting, we went to Fabric Land last week when she came to visit to pick the fabric.  She also picked some very pretty but horrible to sew glittery bias tape.  Here is a closeup of the final 3m of bunting. bird buntingI love the bird and bow fabric – how cute is that?! bird bunting in order

I have decided to put up a listing on my Folksy shop page for custom bunting, so please come and visit if you would like some.  I am also psyching myself up to attending my first every craft fair (in October).  I’m planning on making some bunting, yo-yo brooches, owl keyrings and pin cushions, and maybe fabric bangles to take with me.  Does that sound like a nice mix of things?  If anyone is an craft fair pro, I would love some tips please 🙂

More House Doorstops

Since it has been snowing again today and I am on my day off, I have been (finally) finishing up the doorstop houses I was asked to do after Christmas.  I did the cutting out and hand sewing on the weekend, and did the machine sewing and stuffing today.  Here is the green and blue one, complete with very cute bird chintzy fabric.

green and blue houseThe original tutorial is here, but I have now worked out through trial and error that you get the best shaped roof by using 2 separate pieces of fabric instead of one larger piece.  It makes the roof look more pitched.




My husband and I are currently in the process of revamping our spare bedroom.  Having been to look for curtains the other weekend, we were not impressed – they were all expensive and old-lady patterned.  We had some unremarkable cream curtains which we inherited with the flat, so I decided to do something with them instead.

I got some of this bird fabric from Fabric Land for another project (it’s called House Martins Black by Katie Kandles).  I decided to get some more to tidy up my curtains as I think it is my favourite fabric so far – spots and birds, what’s not to love?!

bird fabric close up

Fabric Land is a Brighton institution, they do the best selection of fabric in town, and it is really good value.  They even do mail order if you don’t live nearby.  Anyway, I used the bird fabric to make a 40cm band at the bottom of the curtains.  Here they are all pinned up and ready to sew.

pinned curtain

And here is the curtain all finished and hung up.  I couldn’t get a picture of the whole curtain without taking in some of the mess that makes up the spare room at the minute, but this gives some idea.  Definitely some things I would do differently if I did something similar again, but I like the overall effect.

finished curtain


Bird Cage Earrings

Just a very quick post to wish everyone a merry Christmas and peaceful new year and to share one of my favourite pairs of earrings.  I made these bird cage earrings using charms which I got in Primark…

bird cage earrings

The charms were to go on a bracelet, but I took off the clip bit and put the charms on earring wires instead.  Having started to post my projects, I’m finding lots of them seem to have birds involved.  I have had some lovely bird-themed presents for Christmas and some new ideas for projects which I’m looking forward to crafting in 2013!