Easy bunting card

I made this quick bunting card today, ready for Mothers Day next Sunday.  It was super easy to do, and doesn’t need too many paper supplies at all. Bunting Card CollageIngredients

  • Plain piece of card, folded in half to make the base of the whole card
  • Scraps of patterned paper and other bids and bobs to decorate the front of your card
  • Short piece of embroidery floss
  • PVA glue
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors or craft knife


  1. Start by decorating the outside of your card (I used a strip of paper and a pre-printed label which I stuck on using sticky pads).
  2. Punch a hole with a hole punch, so it goes through both layers of card (as show below).

punch holes3. Cut out 4 diamond shapes from your scrap papers to make the bunting flags.  Use the PVA to glue them into place on the embroidery floss.  Leave the glue to dry. paper bunting for card

4. The next step is to add the bunting to the card. threading the bunting instructions6. Tie the card shut with a bow, using the embroidery floss. front of thebunting card

7. Open the card up to show the celebratory bunting!

bunting card


Free bunting printables

I was trying to think of the most cost effective way to make a sign for my stall in October, and came across some free bunting printables.  I think this will be my best option as it is free, easy to do and will have impact (I hope!)  These are some of the best I came across.

Burlap and spotty

These burlap and spotty bunting letters are the ones I think I will be using.  They even have tiny stitching detail all the way around. The Cottage Market - Burlap Polka Dot Banner - image

Mix and match 

Ruffled has made up these mix and match bunting letters and heart spacer.



Sweet Greets has loads of lovely stuff on her website, including Cath Kidson patterned bunting. Cath Kidston Collage

Bird bunting

Hello!  I have finally cranked up the computer and managed to add a post!  I have just finished making some bunting for my sister – very exciting, we went to Fabric Land last week when she came to visit to pick the fabric.  She also picked some very pretty but horrible to sew glittery bias tape.  Here is a closeup of the final 3m of bunting. bird buntingI love the bird and bow fabric – how cute is that?! bird bunting in order

I have decided to put up a listing on my Folksy shop page for custom bunting, so please come and visit if you would like some.  I am also psyching myself up to attending my first every craft fair (in October).  I’m planning on making some bunting, yo-yo brooches, owl keyrings and pin cushions, and maybe fabric bangles to take with me.  Does that sound like a nice mix of things?  If anyone is an craft fair pro, I would love some tips please 🙂

Things to do with yo yo’s

After my last post I went a bit mad making yo-yo’s .  I used a few different sized circles to make the most of my scrap collection and decided to make a couple of things, the first of which is shown below.  I’m going to pop the other projects into different posts 🙂 yo yos

Firstly, I have previously included a link to little livingstones tutorial on how to make yo-yos, which is pretty self explanatory.  I didn’t hem the edges of my circles first, and they turned out fine.  Some are a little more scruffy, and I may or may not artfully decorate hide the mess with some buttons from my stash.  As I said, it’s a great way to use up scraps and you can make them any size really.  But now for project number 1.

Bunting style garland 

I have a bit of  a thing for bunting, so decided to try a variation on the theme.  Using embroidery floss, I threaded the yo-yos together by putting the needle in at 2 o’clock and coming out at 10 o’clock.  Don’t bring your needle out right on the edge.  Most of my yo-yos are around 5-6 cm and I brought my needle and thread out about 1 cm from the edge.  This means that as you can see in the picture, your yo-yos will sit better on each other and not flip upside down when it is hung up.  To finish it off, I knotted the embroidery thread at each end into a loop and attached some ribbon to make it easier to hang.yo yo close upProject 2 will be coming up soon!



Back on the bunting bandwagon

After a bit of a break from sewing, I’ve just been finishing off some bunting projects which I started a while ago.  The first set is orange, white and grey.  My sister gave me the spec as the set is a birthday present for her friend.  I’ve had this fabric for ages, we brought it to cover a headboard and I kept the leftover bits in case they came in useful.  orange and white bunting

The second set is a housewarming present for my parents, who are moving house soon.  I thought their new house could benefit from some bunting!  This lot of fabric is part of my charity shop haul, I made sure each flag had some kind of floral detail on it.  It looks very spring like, which is apt as today the weather is glorious 🙂flower bunting

More bunting

I made this bunting for my sister for Christmas and she sent me a picture today to show it now has pride of place in her kitchen.  It is made from an old shirt, onto which I stenciled a heart print and some fabulous CoCo Land fabric!

cocoland bunting

CoCo is my sisters cat, and I have named my blog after her.  She is a bit of a diva as you can see from the picture 🙂



I’ve linked this up to the Sew Chatty “Made with Love” link party, as the bunting was made with love 🙂

Fabric bunting tutorial

I have really got into making bunting recently (everyone is having some for Christmas).  This particular set of bunting is for a friends new baby.  I’m not normally one for pink, but I got a bag of fabric scraps from the charity shop last year, including this lovely Beatrix Potter fabric which I think may have been a sheet originally.  It was just enough to make a string of bunting, with some creative cutting out to ensure that each flag had a character on it.

final flags header


  • Fabric scraps, fairly thin cotton works best for smaller sized bunting, but to be honest anything goes – ideally you should use the same fabric back and front, but in this case I didn’t have enough fabric for 2 sides, so the back is a pale green patterned fabric instead
  • 2.5m of bias tape, ironed closed to make a flap bias tape
  • Flag template (mine was 15cm across the top and 17cm down to the point, so each side is 19cm)
  • Sewing machine
  • Lots of pins

How to make the bunting

  1. Cut out 14 triangles using your template from the fabric, this will give you 7 flags in total.
  2. To make a flag, select 2 cut triangles, put them right side together, pin in place and sew down the long sides, but leave the top open.  Repeat until you have 7 flags.
  3. Turn the flags the right side out, trim the top edge if there are any overhanging bits of fabric.
  4. They will then need to be ironed flat, a chop stick helps with keeping the seams straight and making sure the point is pointy enough.
  5. pre ironed flagsFind the middle of your ironed strip of bias tape, and insert a flag in the flap and pin in place.  Measure 5 inches from the edge of the flag and then pin the next flag in place.  Continue until you have pinned all the flags in place. pinned flags
  6. The final step is to sew the bias tape shut and sew all the flags in place.  Basically, you need your sewing machine needle as close to the open edge of the bias tape as possible, and just sew! finished flags