Home sweet home ATC

The most recent Very Berry Handmade Fabric ATC swap was home sweet home themed. My partner this time actually was the lovely person who I got my last card from. She lives all the way in Brazil, and she sent me this card at Christmas. Her brief was that she likes pink and candy colours, and as I have been following her Facebook page, I know she is also into patchwork.

This is what I came up with. I did it all on the sewing machine, and used a combination of appliqué, very scrappy patchwork and a butterfly button.home atcI think it is my favourite card I’ve made so far. Just using zig zag stitch around the edge is also by far the easiest and tidiest way I’ve edged a card too. I will be doing that again next time! However, you really should check out the swap Flickr page. There were some absolutely beautiful cards being swapped again.

Messy scrap patchwork

I don’t think this is what this method is called, but that’s my name for it! I got given a big bag of fabric from a friend of a friend, and it included some pre-cut squares and other little bits of quilting fabric. There is also some other lovely dress fabric which will be the subject of another post… Anyway, I’ve been using the pre-cut pieces and bits from my special tiny scrap draw (I literally don”t throw anything out) to make these patches. They are surprisingly therapeutic and look quite nice all lined up.nessy scrap patchesI suppose my patches are a variation of log cabin quilts, but not as tidy! With most of the patches I’ve done so far, I started with two triangles, and then worked around the square using rectangles to bring the patch to the right size. Being quite untidy and lazy, I trimmed off any excess where the patches were not quite the right size.

messy square patches laid outMy plan is to use them to make a cushion cover for a friend – I’m going to use either some plain linen or pale pink tweed I have in my stash to break up the pattern and to make the backing.

I also want to show you these super-cute fabric buttons my friend gave me for my birthday. Obviously, my button addiction is becoming (in)famous!
fabric covered buttons

Envelope cushion tutorial

My friend asked me to hem her curtains for her new flat, and in return took me to see Amelie at the Preston Manor outdoor cinema, which was all set up in the lovely gardens.  I got round to sewing the curtains up today, and had loads of fabric left over, so decided to make a quick envelope cushion to match.  The front fabric is a sample scrap from C&H fabrics, which cost me 20p!  It is a nightmare of fraying-ness, but it looks very retro.  This is more of a mini tutorial, but thought it may be useful.  It took me a few minutes to make sure I was making my cushion-cover sandwich the right way round. pink and purple fan cushionFor the length, measure the cushion pad and then multiply by 3.  I used one third of one fabric for the front, and two thirds of curtain fabric for the back.  For the width, measure the width of the cushion pad and add a seam allowance.

Hem at both ends and line up nice and flat.  Fold the front piece so one third of the fabric is on top of another third.making an envelope cushion step 1Then flip the other end of the fabric to cover the front and middle thirds of fabric.  You should now have a fabric third sandwich, which you can just make out in the picture below. making an envelope cushion step 2Sew up both of the sides, and zig zag the edges if your fabric is particularly fraying (like mine was).  Turn the whole thing the right way around, and then stuff in your pillow.  I added a few decorative buttons to hold my front fabric in place as it was gaping a bit, I think because it was so loosely woven.

Please let me know if you have any trouble following the instructions, and I’ll do my best to help!

Fabric and denim flower tutorial

A couple of birthdays ago, my friend gave me a lovely bag which has this tweedy flower charm on it. She always said she thought it was something I would make myself, and I have finally got round to it. tweed fabric flowerIt took a bit of poking around the work out the design, and I ended up doing something slightly different, as I found it was a bit bulky otherwise. My version is below – made from denim and cotton fabric, and accessorised with a button (of course!) The denim came from a favourite old pair of jeans which had ripped because they were so worn. I chopped off the legs, so may still use them for something else.completed fabric and denim flowerIngredients

  • Cotton fabric
  • Denim fabric (tweed which doesn’t fray too much would also work well)
  • Circle template
  • Cotton and needle
  • 6 inches of denim seam offcut or sturdy twill ribbon
  • Keyring
  • Button


  1. Using your circular template, cut out 5 denim circles and 4 fabric circles. The 5th denim circle is the back.fabric flower circle template
  2. Match each denim circle with a fabric one, with right sides facing outwards.
  3. Start folding your petals! Fold the circle in half and then in half again, as shown below. Do this until you have 4 petals.how to fold fabric flowerhow to fold fabric flower 2
  4. For the keyring hanger, I used cut off from the leg seam of a pair of jeans, but some sturdy twill ribbon would work just as well. Sew it firmly in place into the centre of the spare denim circle. sewing the back onto fabric flower
  5. Next, arrange your petals onto the backing circle, as shown below. Sew each point firmly firmly into place, and if needed, make strategic stitches elsewhere to get the petals to sit straight. arranging fabric flower
  6. The final step is to sew a button in the centre of the petals. Again, make sure it is sewn securely.

Although I made this as a keyring for my garage keys, it also looks nice as a bag charm (especially if you match your fabrics well). denim and cotton fabric flower


Crochet heart lavender bag

Do you remember my crochet heart from the other week?  Well, I made a couple more using some lovely variegated purple and grey wool from my stash.  I then sewed them together, stuffed them with some left over stuffing and added some dried lavender which I had left over from last year. crochet filled heartI sewed on one of my ceramic buttons as decoration, and the hanging loop was made using a piece of left over wool.

I do apologise that my blog has become very crochet orientated, but I am so on a roll at the minute.  It is so easy to pick up and put down again, while sewing needs a bit more time, setting up and concentration (at least for me).  I will no doubt be migrating over to another craft soon!

Present in the post

I love getting post, and don’t get near enough these days.  When I do get post, it is usually bills.  When post is as lovely as this, I go into excitement meltdown!  My friend offered to send me some of this lovely fabric, which I’m going to use to make this Scottie dog doorstopblue retro fabric

Along with generous chunk of lovely fabric, she also sent me some sweet origami paper, teabags, buttons and stickers.

present in the post

I’ve put together a return goodie bag, which I’ll share once I know she has received it in the post.  Let me know if you’d like to do a swap too – I just realised how much craft stuff I have lurking around!

Giveaway day!

**Giveaway now closed**

In honour of the fact I have been blogging for nearly a year, I’m having a giveaway.  giveaway catThe goodies will include the following:

  • one of my owl keyrings
  • a button brooch
  • a pair of yellow rose earrings
  • packet of vintage buttons

I will also include some other surprises!

Giveaway Collage

How to enter

If you would like to enter, please take a couple of minutes to follow my blog (via bloglovin or email) or like my facebook page and post a comment saying which option you have chosen to let me know you have entered.  Please feel free to spread the word, and let everyone know about it!

The competition will close on 5 December 2013.  After that, I’ll compile the comments and announce a winner on 9 December 2013.  Make sure you pop back to see if it is you 🙂

Terms and Conditions

– Genuine followers only please. 
– You can enter as many times as you like. Each comment or like is counted as one entry.
– Winners will be announced on the 9 December 2013.  Please check back to see if you are a winner, if prizes are not claimed within 2 weeks I will chose another entrant.
– Open to anyone on planet Earth.

Photos from Brighton Craft Fair

As promised, here are a couple of pictures from the craft fair yesterday.  This one is a close-up of my necklace board and also my button brooches.

necklaces on stall

And a close-up of some of my other bits and pieces.  I got the glass bowls from the flea market because when I did my mock stall it looked very bare!  items on stall

My cwtch cushion got a few comments from displaces Welshies.  Definitely a good talking point 🙂  There are some more pictures on the Brighton Craft Fair Facebook page.  I particularly liked Flip Underdown –  he had some amazing glass items.



Button brooch

Yesterday afternoon, I sat down to catch up with Downton Abbey and craft – best afternoon plan ever!  My main project was to make a button brooch.  While I was looking for something in my jewellery-making drawer, I found one of the sieve backs which I use to make my button brooches.  I thought I had run out, so this was an added bonus.  I just need to source some more now…  seive brooch back

I had a good rummage in my button collection to find a nice selection of purple and lilac buttons.  I particularly like the flower patterned and lacey patterned ones.  purple button brooch

I got the idea from the Bead Simple book which I had as a present from a friend a couple of years ago.  The visuals and ideas in the book are great, and very easy to adapt to your own tastes.  Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration!

bead simple book

Out of all my jewellery books (and I have a few) I always go back to this one, as it is not too twee and the ideas are actually pretty simple and do-able with often minimal supplies.