Home sweet home ATC

The most recent Very Berry Handmade Fabric ATC swap was home sweet home themed. My partner this time actually was the lovely person who I got my last card from. She lives all the way in Brazil, and she sent me this card at Christmas. Her brief was that she likes pink and candy colours, and as I have been following her Facebook page, I know she is also into patchwork.

This is what I came up with. I did it all on the sewing machine, and used a combination of appliqué, very scrappy patchwork and a butterfly button.home atcI think it is my favourite card I’ve made so far. Just using zig zag stitch around the edge is also by far the easiest and tidiest way I’ve edged a card too. I will be doing that again next time! However, you really should check out the swap Flickr page. There were some absolutely beautiful cards being swapped again.

Butterfly flutterby

My picture for today is butterflies, as I have just got myself this new tshirt from ASOSbutterflyPicture from Studio Sjoesjoe

I do promise that I will start posting some more craft soon, but I have been INSANELY busy since before Christmas. I recently started a new job, which I love, but I’m still finding my feet. Oh, and I am also “training” to do the Brighton Half Marathon in February (training in the loosest possible sense, as I just want to finish it. I have no designs of doing it quickly). But this means I am using a big chunk of craft time running…

Origami butterfly card

Just a quick post to show you some super easy instructions I came across on Pinterest on how to make an origami butterfly.  I am terrible at following simple instructions, especially for origami, but even I managed this.  origami butterfly instructionsI made 3 butterflies to decorate a card for a friends birthday and added some pearly antenna.  The papers came from another friend, in the amazing bag of goodies which I got in the post a while ago.

origami butterfly cardI am thinking about making some more and using them for some kind of picture, if I ever get round to making it, you will be the first to know 🙂


Butterfly pop up card

As it is almost my grans birthday, I decided to have a go at making a card.  First of all, I made this card below, which uses the flat paper flowers which I used to make my paper garland a while ago. flat paper flower card

But then last night, I was perusing Pinterest for something else and found this tutorial for a butterfly easel card.  It looked so good, I just had to have a go!  The lovely lady whose blog it is has included a pdf and a fancy pattern if you have a digital die-cut machine.  I used the pdf and resized as best I could on word and got busy with my craft knife. butterfly card standing

It took me AGES to make, mainly because my paper was quite thin, and I have put double/triple layers in place to give the card some stability (this involved a lot of cutting!).  Although I cut out enough bits to do a small and a large butterfly, I couldn’t get it to sit properly.  This is probably where my dodgy resizing comes in!  As it needs to be posted and survive Royal Mail, I decided to just use a big butterfly and embellish it a bit.  I used some foam pads to stick on the smaller butterfly and then added an old stamp I had in my stash.

I hope you like it, I am pretty pleased with the end result.


This week I have been making cards – I started by making a card for a friend and then kind of got carried away…  It has been very therapeutic though, and has given me the chance to practice my best joined up handwriting which I was taught at school by a very old Irish nun.  I never use it in everyday life, way too much hassle, but it looks very old-fashioned and lovely.

I have been raiding my stash and used a luggage label, button and small scrap of butterfly paper to make the card below.

butterfly and luggage tag cardFor the card below, I used more buttons, another small scrap of paper and these cutouts from an old atlas which I got from Etsy to use in my Romania scrap book.

button and butterfly cardAll in all, I’ve probably made over 20 cards, I’m not quite sure what to do with them all!