Home sweet home ATC

The most recent Very Berry Handmade Fabric ATC swap was home sweet home themed. My partner this time actually was the lovely person who I got my last card from. She lives all the way in Brazil, and she sent me this card at Christmas. Her brief was that she likes pink and candy colours, and as I have been following her Facebook page, I know she is also into patchwork.

This is what I came up with. I did it all on the sewing machine, and used a combination of appliqué, very scrappy patchwork and a butterfly button.home atcI think it is my favourite card I’ve made so far. Just using zig zag stitch around the edge is also by far the easiest and tidiest way I’ve edged a card too. I will be doing that again next time! However, you really should check out the swap Flickr page. There were some absolutely beautiful cards being swapped again.

Tea and home ATC

I got my lovely ATC in the post the other day. I have been waiting in excitement for the post every day for at least a week, and I was definitely not disappointed when it came. I never have been – my cards are all so different and beautiful in their own little way. atc collectionThis is how my card came wrapped up and also the little note to explain the the background to the card. I’ve got a little collection of the notes that have come with my cards, I like having a bit of background to the inspiration behind the project.ATC wrapped upAnd now for the card. I LOVE this card because it is so “me.” The tower is slightly Oxford (where I went to university) and dreaming spires, and the tea ribbon is brilliant. I actually have a small piece left in my stash 🙂 I drink lots of tea, to the extent that my work colleagues now just don’t even ask me when they do a round, I just get a cup as standard. So all in all, it is a triumph and it is now safely nestled with my growing collection.

tea and home atcMy partner has a facebook page called Polka Dots and Cocker Spaniels and an Etsy page to sell vintage goodies, why not go have a look?

I’m not sure when the next ATC swap is planned, it probably won’t be for a while, so keep your eyes pealed on the Very Berry Handmade website.

Home Sweet Home ATC swap

Another ATC swap from Very Berry Handmade is here. Apparently, this is the biggest ever with over 50 sign ups. I think I’ve taken part in all of them apart from the first one now. The swap is an enjoyable challenge, as you have to think small which is harder than it sounds!home sweet home atcI love the sound of the theme, and have a few ideas already.I treated myself to a bag of scraps from Wychbags the other week, and there are some great ATC-sized scraps for me to use. I particularly like the daisy print fabric. It is kind of a thin corduroy, and will be included somewhere in my ATC I’m sure!fabric scraps

My winter sparkle ATC

I received my ATC on Christmas Eve, and then promptly went on holiday, so I haven’t yet had chance to post it yet. Here it is though, isn’t it cute? winter sparkle atcIt came all the way from a very hot Brazil, and from Bea at Juntando Arte. It’s always nice to have post from far away, so much more exciting than bills. As I display all my ATCs throughout the year, Bea made it wintery but not too Christmasy, so it won’t look out of place when it finally gets warm here. Apparently, Bea used to live in the UK for three years and really loved it here. I must be honest, I love it here too (especially Brighton) but I do wish it was a bit warmer and drier…

There are a few more pictures on Flickr of some of the other swaps. I really like this robin one and this star one.


Winter sparkle ATC swap

Oh my, it’s the start of December already! Where has the year gone? So much has happened this year, it has just flown by most of the time. As some of you may know, I joined in with the Very Berry Handmade Winter Sparkle ATC swap, and I’ve finally completed my ATC. I decided to use a fair isle knitting pattern as a cross stitch pattern, to get an authentic Christmas jumper look. I do love a good Christmas jumper. I’ve not done any cross stitch in ages – I have forgotten how much I enjoy it!

cross stitch reindeer in progressI used this pattern below as my main guide. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens on Pinterest, there is just a link to the image, and you can’t make it any bigger. It still worked fine, but it needed a bit more careful concentration to make sure it was counted properly.

fairisle reindeer patternI also used a couple of other patterns as inspiration for the zig zag pattern. Here is my final design, I’m so chuffed with it.reindeer atc cross stitchI used a scrap of material onto the back and sandwiched a piece of card inside, to give it all some strength. Unfortunately, it got too dark for photos at about about 2.30, so I can’t take a picture of it all together. I’ll try and get one up soon though.

As usual, there are some great ATCs already up on the Flickr page, why not go and have a look?

Winter sparkle ATC swap

Just a quick post to let you know that Very Berry Handmade has launched a winter sparkle ATC swap today! Spaces are limited to 40, so make sure you sign up quickly. You can sign up by leaving a comment on this post.winter-sparkle-atc-swap-mini

This will be my fourth swap, I have a proper little collection now, including this cute knitted one, a daffodil and this needlework one.

ATC loveliness!

Well I have been on holiday AGAIN (I know, I’m so lucky!) When I got back from holiday, I not only had a nice pile of birthday cards, I also had my ATC, all the way from Australia. It is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. mini jumper atcIt is from Larisa at Stitching Notes, and she explains a bit more about it in this blog post. The theme was “getting away from it all” and this is what Larisa said her inspiration was.

Knitting used to be a huge part of my life, it was my relaxing time, my by myself time, my getting away from it all time and my stay warm in winter tactic as wellI loved it!  Scarfs, hats, gloves, mittens, jumpers, dresses, cardigans, with buttons and ties, with any ornaments and stitches, with buckles and pom-poms… you name it. There was nothing too complicated for me to make when it came to knitting. There was always someone to share all the tricks and tips on knitting with and to compare our achievements.

The Very Berry Handmade Flickr page has some lovely pictures of some of the other ATCs which have been winging their way around the world – why not take a look? I have a collection of knitting needles which belonged to my great grandmother, and this little card has inspired me to at least pick them up and attempt knitting in the near future. Wish me luck!

Perfect bird fabric ATC

As it has ended up being a cold and wet Bank Holiday, I have been doing some crafting. I finished my ATC for the Very Berry Handmade swap (with time to spare – it needs to be posted in early September). The theme is getting away from it all, and my partner apparently likes nature and animals.  perfect bird fabric  atcI used so many little scraps up to make it, and was aiming for a little bit rough and ready. The bird was cut out from one piece of fabric, and I sewed on a tiny bead for the eye. The background was made out of some of my favourite fabric ever, it had embroidered flowers and leaves all over it. I only had a tiny piece though. The other green and yellow fabric is what I used to make my cat from ages ago.

I ended up using a bit of the Beatrix Potter fabric I used to make bunting from as backing for the bird, and to cut out the “perfect.” I have learnt from bitter experience that my handwriting is not good enough for decorative purposes. I am toying with the idea of getting a set of letter stamps for the future to make printed fabric. The little button I found after going though my button collection to find the right one to finish it off. I then promptly dropped it and lost it under to sofa, but luckily I had a spare!

There are a couple already up on the Very Berry Handmade Flickr page, why not take a look?

Summer ATC swap is here!

I’ve been waiting for this for ages, and it is finally here!  Very Berry Handmade is running her fourth fabric ATC swap, and I have signed up to take part. atc-swap-4-button2I took part in the second and third swaps (check out the cards I made here and here, and the amazing ones I have recieved here and here).  The theme is ‘Getting Away from it All’ – which apparently can be interpreted that however we like.

I have a couple of ideas already, but I’ll wait to find out my partners preferences before I commit to anything.  Based on past experience, I change my mind lots in the process of making anyway….!

Daffodil ATC

I came home from work yesterday to find my ATC swap had arrived!  I am so sad, I have been eagerly awaiting the post every day for well over a week, as usually it is just bills and junk mail.  My daffodil ATC was made by Helen, and it is very tactile. daffodil fabric atc

I love the way she has used a mix of different fabrics and textures, and hand and machine sewing. close up of daffodil atc

Thanks Helen!  I will be keeping an eye out on Very Berry Handmade for the next swap (which is going to be in July apparently).