Last minute Christmas card

Here is a super-quick Christmas card idea for you. I made it for my neighbour, using my shiny new Stampin’ Up Back to Basics letter stampsChristmas cardI got the very good instructions for the folded Christmas tree from StampLadyKatie. They take about two seconds to make!

Tiny crocheted jumper ornament

For my secret Santa at work, the criteria seems to be hovering around something around the recipients initials (RJ), charity shop purchased or home made. I have gone for the home made, and whipped up a tiny little crocheted jumper (to go with a box of Roses chocolates)! mini crochet jumperThis is the pattern, if you fancy making one yourself. As some of you may know, I am rubbish at curves, circles and anything which isn’t a straight line when it comes to crochet, so I had to come up with a pattern to avoid all of these. These jumpers use minimal amounts of wool, so they are great scrap buster.

Main body 

mini crochet jumper body

  • Chain 11
  • Row 1 – 1 dc into the 2nd ch from hook, then dc into each ch until the end (10 dc in total). Ch 2 and turn.
  • Row 2 – 7 – repeat 10 dc until the end of the row, ch 2 and turn.
  • Row 8 – dc 3, miss the next 4 stitches, and chain 4, then do 3 dc to the end of the row. Ch 2. This makes up the neckline of your jumper.
  • Row 9 – 14 – repeat 10 dc until the end of the row, ch 2 and turn.
  • Row 15 –  10 dc until the end of the row. Secure final stitch and sew in all the ends.

For the arms

  • Chain 7
  • Row 1 –  1 dc into the 2nd chain from hook, then dc into each ch until the end (6 dc in total). Ch 2 and turn.
  • Row 2 – 4 – repeat 6 dc until the end of each row, ch 2 and turn.
  • Row 5 –  6 dc until the end of the row. Secure final stitch and sew in all the ends.

Sewing together

  • Sew the arms into place using matching yarn and a darning needle (sorry for the terrible photo – rainy and winter light is terrible!)sewing mini crochet jumper
  • If you want to decorate the front with any embroidery, do it before the whole thing is sewn up. Otherwise, once arms in place, sew up each side of the jumper.
  • Use a small piece of yarn to make a hanger by threading it into the back of the jumper and looping through using a girth hitch knot (who knew that’s what they are called!) girth_hitch_hI’m making a couple of others for some baby presents, with the baby initials sewn on the front and brown luggage label attached.

Winter sparkle ATC swap

Oh my, it’s the start of December already! Where has the year gone? So much has happened this year, it has just flown by most of the time. As some of you may know, I joined in with the Very Berry Handmade Winter Sparkle ATC swap, and I’ve finally completed my ATC. I decided to use a fair isle knitting pattern as a cross stitch pattern, to get an authentic Christmas jumper look. I do love a good Christmas jumper. I’ve not done any cross stitch in ages – I have forgotten how much I enjoy it!

cross stitch reindeer in progressI used this pattern below as my main guide. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens on Pinterest, there is just a link to the image, and you can’t make it any bigger. It still worked fine, but it needed a bit more careful concentration to make sure it was counted properly.

fairisle reindeer patternI also used a couple of other patterns as inspiration for the zig zag pattern. Here is my final design, I’m so chuffed with it.reindeer atc cross stitchI used a scrap of material onto the back and sandwiched a piece of card inside, to give it all some strength. Unfortunately, it got too dark for photos at about about 2.30, so I can’t take a picture of it all together. I’ll try and get one up soon though.

As usual, there are some great ATCs already up on the Flickr page, why not go and have a look?

Christmas craft link up continued

As promised, these are the rest of the wonderful crafts which have been compiled by Bugs and Fishes. I like the penguin!

Christmas craft link up

As you may have seen the other week, I did a Christmas-y sewing project which I linked to the Bugs and Fishes Christmas craft link up. My project was a shabby denim Christmas heart decoration, which you can find here. I took part last year, and was really pleased to take part again.

Anyway, here is the first of three links to some of the other projects. I hope you like them! I will be posting the other projects over the next few days, so keep an eye out. christmas craft link up 1Mini Teddy Bed – Grace’s Favours

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