Crochet daffodils

It’s St David’s day on 1st March, hooray! Last year, I made a felt daffodil and some Welsh cakes. This year, I’ve made a crochet daffodil. I’ve also made some bara brith, which will be the subject of another post coming soon.

I followed (mostly) this pattern from Attic 24. I’m not great at following instructions, so there is definitely some degree of improvisation going on. I did my middle differently as well – two rows of UK trebles, using slip stitches at the end of each row to make a full circle.completed crochet daffodilThe pattern from Attic 24 is really easy to follow, and uses hardly any yarn at all, so it is great scrap buster.

Daffodil ATC

I came home from work yesterday to find my ATC swap had arrived!  I am so sad, I have been eagerly awaiting the post every day for well over a week, as usually it is just bills and junk mail.  My daffodil ATC was made by Helen, and it is very tactile. daffodil fabric atc

I love the way she has used a mix of different fabrics and textures, and hand and machine sewing. close up of daffodil atc

Thanks Helen!  I will be keeping an eye out on Very Berry Handmade for the next swap (which is going to be in July apparently).