Mini quilt work in progress

I felt inspired the other day to just go mad with fabric and see what happened.  I vaguely had the idea of making a mini quilt as a present, and picked out some fabrics which looked nice together.  patchwork quilt pink

When I had cut them out, I noticed that there were some bits where the fabric was slightly too short, so I patched in some stripes to get the right width.  Now, I am not very good with straight lines and tidiness, so the end result is “deliberately” shabby chic.  I also seem to have swapped the order of the squares around too!spots and flowers patchwork quilt

Once I had done the one side, I was thinking how best to do the back with my random selection of not-quite-big-enough bits of fabric.  So I decided to do another scrappy patchwork quilt. flowers and spots patchwork quilt

This one has a few more stripes in it, as the pieces of fabric got smaller!  As for how to quilt it, I’ve been hand quilting circles.  When it is all finished, I will post more pictures, but I’ve put one on my twitter page already (which got retweeted by @LoveSewingMag)!

I’m quite excited to see how it all turns out.

Splendid – Adrienne Doig

I’ve just come across this amazing artist, who currently has an exhibition in Sydney (sadly, it is very unlikely I will be going to Sydney any time soon!).  Adrienne Doig has made a whole series of pictures from unfinished quilts from the inter-war years, and has appliquéd images onto them.  I can imagine people in the future using my unfinished projects.  The “Feminist Cliché” is my favourite.  Big_FeministCliche 2013

“Feminist Cliché” – Copyright Adrienne Doig 2013  (courtesy Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney)

She has also created a series of these wonderful tapestry images of Aussie fauna – very cute.  They remind me of the Renaissance tapestries in the V&A.

Macropus Parryi

Macropus Parryi – Copyright Adrienne Doig 2013  (courtesy Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney)

This is her website – definitely worth a look!  If you are in Sydney (lucky you!) her exhibition is at the Martin Browne Contemporary.

Pearl quilt – work in progress

This is going to be a bit of a half post, as I can’t post the final item as a) I haven’t finished it yet and b) in case it is SEEN by the people who it is for.  This quilt is a present so I don’t want to give too much away!

Anyway, this quilt was a bit of a last minute idea, but I’m well on course to finish on time.  The original inspiration came from these two ideas which I came across on Pinterest.  The first idea was this absolutely brilliant one for a bursting heart pillow.

bursting heart tutorial

The tutorial is really, really good, and the applique technique works really well, but I would use metal head pins as some of my plastic head ones melted!  The second idea was this Urban Outfitters quilt.  I really liked the big squares and the mix of retro and modern fabrics.

urban outfitters quilt

So with these ideas in mind, I started on my quilt.  Here is my fabric selection for the heart.

applique heart cut out

Fabric-wise, I’m using my lovely vintage sheet and a selection of spotty fabrics.  When I went to get wadding and backing fabric, I actually decided to get this thick blanket-y material instead.  It is a bit of a nightmare to sew and has molted a bit, but it looks and feels nice.

quilt back

That’s about as much as I can post for the minute, but the final item will be up soon….

My Quilt

Last year, I attempted my first quilt.  It is by no means perfect, but I think I can *just* about get away with it, because the prints used are quite big.


When I had my sewing machine for Christmas a few years ago, my sister gave me a bag of scraps from IKEA.  I have begged and pleaded since and they haven’t obliged again, so I don’t know what she said to them! 😦  Anyway, I used the largest of those scraps and got some more from various end bins.  The backing house print fabric was from IKEA, and I still have loads left over.  Another project I have used this print for is appliqué house cushions for a wedding present.

quilt back

The bird fabric I had anyway in my stash to decorate our spare room.

quilt closeup

There are loads of things I would do differently, like cut my squares out properly(!) but for my first attempt, I don’t think it is too bad – it brightens up our spare room anyway.