Brighton West Pier

With all the awful weather we’ve had in the UK recently, the poor West Pier in Brighton has had a real beating, culminating with a chunk of it collapsing into the sea a couple of weeks ago.  Today the weather is glorious – a proper spring day.  So while we were in town, I took a detour to the beach to take some pictures of the pier in its new form.

west pierThe props on the left hand side fell into the sea after one particularly stormy night, so it is probably only a matter of time now until the rest of the pavilion falls in.

west pier 4The sun was right behind the pier and reflecting off the sea, so the pictures look kind of black and white, even though they’re actually colour.  Considering I took them on my phone, they didn’t come out too badly at all. west pier 2

Spotlight on Saltmarsh and Samphire

This year, I am launching a series of features of fellow crafters and bloggers.  The first feature is on 3 artists collectively known as Saltmarsh and Samphire.saltmarsh and samphireBrett Gardner is a photographer who recently made the leap from wedding photographer to nature and landscape photographer following his true passion and has been short listed in national competitions including British Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

A Little R&R by Brett  Little r n r

Diana Stickley originally trained as a graphic designer (possibly a few more years ago than she would care to mention…), and has worked as a visual artist and printmaker for a number of years in Norfolk.

Sun, Sea and Pebbles by Diana  Sun Sea and Pebbles

Emma Stickley has a background in visual arts, having studied The History of Art and Design at University.  She terms herself a trainee photographer, being a very recent convert to the medium.

Roses by Emma  Roses

Our favourite crafts

Our favourite crafts would be printmaking and photography.  Diana loves to take inspiration from the seaside and beach as she lives close to the North Norfolk Coast.  Beach huts and sandcastles feature prominently in her work.  Even tiny pebbles found on the beach can provide inspiration for a fine art piece later on.

Brett is passionate about the natural world.  He is based in Lincolnshire near the Wolds and takes inspiration from the woods near to his home (as well as the coast when he come to Norfolk every few weeks).  His macro/close up photography can take the patience of a saint, but the results he achieves are well worth the huge efforts.

Emma loves flower photography and enjoys taking photos of plants in situ as well as cut flowers in a simple studio set up.

We like printmaking and photography because of the huge variety of effects and results you can achieve with the same set of tools.  The possibilities end only with your imagination.

Any Tips?

We are all fairly new to selling online, having only set up our Folksy shop in August 2013.  We have found that setting up a Facebook page for our business in November 2013 has allowed us to get our work out to a wider audience that simply sticking with the Folksy shop.  It is also really lovely to share and appreciate other fabulous crafter’s and maker’s work on our page too – we think it is definitely a two way street!

Where can you find them?

You can find Saltmarsh and Samphire on Folksy at

Facebook at

Pinterest at

If you are up for some more musings, Brett blogs at and Emma at

If you are interested in taking part in the spotlight series, post a comment and I will be in touch.