Tutorial roundup

I thought coming towards the end of the year it would be nice to do a round-up of some of my tutorials, both my favourite projects and those which have been most popular with you lovely people.

This is the first lot, but I will be posting more over the next couple of weeks.

Reversible apron – I made this as a present for my friend, it’s a great way to showcase your favourite fabrics!pinned apron bias tape

Paper flower garland – this is by far one of the most viewed projects over the past year.  They are really easy (if slightly time consuming) to make and I have also used them to embellish cards.  You could probably use to decorate your special Christmas presents too!paper flower garland

Things to do with yo yos and more things to do with yo yos – need I say more?  Yo yos are amazing and very versatile 🙂yo yos


Free bunting printables

I was trying to think of the most cost effective way to make a sign for my stall in October, and came across some free bunting printables.  I think this will be my best option as it is free, easy to do and will have impact (I hope!)  These are some of the best I came across.

Burlap and spotty

These burlap and spotty bunting letters are the ones I think I will be using.  They even have tiny stitching detail all the way around. The Cottage Market - Burlap Polka Dot Banner - image

Mix and match 

Ruffled has made up these mix and match bunting letters and heart spacer.



Sweet Greets has loads of lovely stuff on her website, including Cath Kidson patterned bunting. Cath Kidston Collage

Crafting with my sister (and the dog)

When I went home to Wales recently, I spent a rather nice afternoon in the sun crafting with my sister.  A while ago she went a bit mad an bought some papier mache letters and decopatch paper decorate, but had never got round to making them.  She doesn’t do craft as a rule…  So we had a go at them together! decopatch

I’ve never used decopatch before, but it was easy to use.  We used 3 different patterns and got a nice patchwork/scrappy effect.  There is also loads left over, which my mum is going to use with her guides.

My sister managed the W and T before she got a bit bored 🙂 cwtch letters

When I was taking pictures to finish up, Bryn the dog decided to pose for us.  He is possibly the most photogenic dog ever! cwtch bryn

Paper flower garland

I had an urge yesterday to do something crafty with paper, but wasn’t sure what.  So I googled “paper crafts” and found this fabulous tutorial to make paper flowers.  Not content with just making 1 flower, I decided to make 10 flowers for a double-sided garland.cut out paper flowersI used my fancy circle cutting gadget to cut out a lot of small circles to make the flower petals.  Each flower has 8 petals, and as I made 10 flowers in total, it kept me out of mischief for a while anyway! paper flower garland

Here is the whole garland- I double-sided all the flowers so that whichever way you look at it, you have a complete flower.  I also used some vintage satin pale blue ribbon which my gran donated to me when she cleared out her sewing box, and mother of pearl button centres to finish the flowers off.paper flower close up

Finally, here is a close-up of one of the flowers.  I love this pretty flower print and pink paper.  There are some many things you could do with these flowers, if I had a little more patience I think a wreath of them in different sizes would look lovely.  Maybe that can be my next challenge!

Paper Earrings

I was wondering what else I could make from paper and hit on the idea for these earrings.  I have tried to write the instructions down, hopefully them make sense.  They are a bit fiddly and messy to make, but they look good!


  • 2 x ear wires
  • 2 x eye pins
  • 2 x 1/2 cm jump rings
  • 2 x matching small beads
  • 1/2 cm wide paper strips, enough to make a 1m long strip when they are glued together.  You will need two 1m strips.  Any type of paper can be used, I used patterned scrapping paper.
  • pva glue
  • paint brush


  1. Cut out enough 1/2 cm paper strips to make 2 x 1m strips.  Fold the strips lengthwise (as shown in the picture) and glue together. paper strip
  2. With a little dab of glue, stick the strips together until they are 1m in length.
  3. Using a pen to wrap the paper strip around, use liberal amounts of pva to make a flat paper bead (as shown in the picture).paper bead
  4. When you have about 6 inches of paper strip left over, thread your jump ring into place and carry on wrapping the paper strip until it is all finished.
  5. When you have completed the bead, cover it in lots of glue to seal it.  Thread some ribbon or string through the jump ring, and hang it up to dry.
  6. Thread the eye pins with a bead and finish with a loop.  Attach it at each end end to either the ear wire and the jump ring.
    completed paper earrings

Paper stash and project

I ordered this lovely stash pack of paper from Folksy this week, and am so excited to be going through it all.  I particularly like the cake themed and bunting themed papers (you can tell what my weaknesses are…) paper stash

While in town today, I also finally went into a shop which I have been eyeing up for a while, called Tiger.  It is a bit like the market place part of IKEA, and as well as pretty bits and pieces, they also had some great craft items, including decorative papers (40 sheets for £3), papier mache letters for £2 and jewellery findings).  I found the letters particularly interesting  as I made this HOME letter set below a couple of years ago for my friend, decorating them with a 1950s book about boats.  These letters cost much more than £2, so will definitely be stocking up soon!

papier mache letters