Map picture artwork

Personally, I love maps.  I studied geography at university, which probably has something to do with it. I made this at the start of the year as a present for one of my sisters friends, but it took a while to get to her!framed map heartsWhile browsing in a posh shop, my sister saw a map picture she liked. However, it was nearly £40, so she asked me to make one as a present for her best friend (who I know also has a soft spot for geography). Now her friend is Irish, so the first step was to rip out the Irish map pages from my mums road atlas (sorry mum!) and pick out some meaningful locations. My mum has since got horribly lost when driving as a direct result of some other key pages becoming loose and falling out. I then got my husband to buy a Ribba frame from Ikea on his way back to Brighton.

I did think about buying a heart shape punch, but in the end decided to make origami hearts.  I used instructions from Origami Club which I found on Pinterest. origami instructions

I did a sample origami heart first, and marked on it the sections of paper which form the top of the heart. I had to jiggle around the template to make sure the requested locations were visible on the origami hearts.

I then had a think about backgrounds. I could have stuck with white (boring) but then I tried using the map as the background instead. One of the hearts was more sea than land, so it looked fine on a map background, and the other heart was more land, so I manoeuvred the background around so it was on mostly sea. I then glued it down with a few dabs of mod podge and left it to dry. Check out the finished frame below. I’m pretty pleased with it! 

My friend (also a geographer) pinned this link to lots a map crafts – enjoy 🙂

Hexagonal paper flower tutorial

I was after a quick and effective idea to make a birthday card, so I did lots of hunting around for some inspiration.  I really wanted an idea for a nice flat paper flower, but this seems surprisingly hard to find.  In the end, I found this great tutorial on how to make fabric hexagonal yo yos, and decided to try it with paper.  It worked really well, although I will say a thicker, better quality paper made it so much easier and gave a nice finish.  I used two different sized hexagonal flowers to decorate my card – one on top of the other, finished off with a sequin.

card with hexagonal paper flowers

I’ve put together a little tutorial on how to make them, and combined with the fabric tutorial, hopefully it should all make sense!  As usual, if there are any problems, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help.


  • Patterned paper (a bit thicker is easier to work with)
  • Circle template (I used a glass)


1. Cut out a circle from paper – any size will do but the smaller the more fiddly it gets (about 8cm across is a good size).

step 1 paper flower2. Fold in half and then into quarters. step 3 paper flower tutorial3. Unfold the circle, and mark the centre (this makes the next few folds so much easier). step 5 paper flower tutorial4. Fold one edge into the centre mark. step 6 paper flower tutorial5. Fold the left hand corner into the centre. step 7 paper flower tutorial6. Repeat stage 5 twice more, until it looks like the example below. step 9 paper flower tutorial7. Fold the left hand corner into the middle to make a point.step 10 paper flower tutorial8. Unfold the point, and put the left hand edge on top of the right hand edge, as shown below.step 11step 129. After stage 8, you will be left with a little flappy bit.step 1410. This bit is really hard to explain, but you need to flip the flap under the triangle to the left of the last triangle which you made.  I had to try this stage out a few times before I got it right, so please let me know if you get stuck.  step 1511. Tuck the flap in, and make sure all your triangle seams line up centrally. finished hexagonal paper flower

Origami butterfly card

Just a quick post to show you some super easy instructions I came across on Pinterest on how to make an origami butterfly.  I am terrible at following simple instructions, especially for origami, but even I managed this.  origami butterfly instructionsI made 3 butterflies to decorate a card for a friends birthday and added some pearly antenna.  The papers came from another friend, in the amazing bag of goodies which I got in the post a while ago.

origami butterfly cardI am thinking about making some more and using them for some kind of picture, if I ever get round to making it, you will be the first to know 🙂


Origami stars

I was taught how to make these origami stars a couple of years ago, and the person who taught me kindly did a colour coded copy to refer to in the future so I never forget how to do them.  Another way to make sure I don’t forget it to blog them!  They are really simple to make once you get going.completed origami star


  • 11-12 paper squares in any size.  I made a big one out of A4 paper folded into a square, and then used the off-cuts to make mini-stars.
  • PVA glue or glue dots.
  • Ribbon or string to hang your star.


  1. Fold a square of paper into quarters as shown below. stage 1 origami star
  2. Next, fold each corner point into the middle to make a square shape.  stage 2 origami star
  3. You then need to make a diamond shape by folding the outer edges of your square into the middle.stage 3 origami star
  4. Your diamond should end up looking like this. stage 4 origami star
  5. Next, fold over the short triangle of your diamond, as shown below. stage 5 origami star
  6. Finally, you need to fold the triangle in half up the middle as shown below. stage 6 origami star
  7. You’ll need to make 11-12 of these paper triangles, and they fit together as shown below.  There are some little slots on the right angle of the triangle which you can insert the triangle point into.  It takes a bit of wiggling and glue to get them to sit in a circle – once you are happy with the shape, leave them to dry for a while, then add some ribbon or string to hang them. stage 7 origami star

I hope my instructions are followable, but if you have any questions post me a comment and I will do my best to help 🙂