Plans for 2014

I’m a bit late, seeing as it is February already, but I thought I would list my goals for 2014.  In theory, as they are then out there in blogland, I will be tied to completing them! stop saying i wish

  1. Learn how to crochet better – My crochet ability is currently limited to straight lines, so as a minimum I want to do rounds.  And then be able to make something exciting with my rounds!
  2. Learn how to knit – My knitting ability is even more limited to just garter stitch (and I haven’t even done that for a couple of years).  So I would like to knit and purl at least by the end of the year.  Project suggestions for a suitable knitting challenge are welcome.
  3. Take some sewing lessons, and learn how to make clothes – A (simple) skirt and dress would be a good target to complete by the end of the year.  I wear dresses all the time, so it would be so nice to make dresses in a style and fabric which I really like.
  4. Successfully run my 10k in April and maybe aim for the Brighton half marathon in 2015?!