Photos from Brighton Craft Fair

As promised, here are a couple of pictures from the craft fair yesterday.  This one is a close-up of my necklace board and also my button brooches.

necklaces on stall

And a close-up of some of my other bits and pieces.  I got the glass bowls from the flea market because when I did my mock stall it looked very bare!  items on stall

My cwtch cushion got a few comments from displaces Welshies.  Definitely a good talking point 🙂  There are some more pictures on the Brighton Craft Fair Facebook page.  I particularly liked Flip Underdown –  he had some amazing glass items.




Wooden button necklaces

Finally, I the button pendants I mentioned the other day are finished.  Well, some of them anyway as I have run out of chain.  Once I’ve got some more chain I will have 20 in total.  button necklaces

I’m not doing well in buying supplies recently – I went all the way to Beads Unlimited the other day and got all I needed but forgot jumprings.  As they are a fundamental part of my charm necklaces I can’t finish any more until I schlep back into town, or buy online.  One day I’ll learn to do a proper shopping list!

Charm necklaces

Today it is a bit wet, cold and miserable here and I’m not feeling motivated to get anything going.  This is exacerbated by the fact I have a few bits and bobs in the post which means I can’t complete a couple of my projects.

I am mid way through making some button pendants, which I can’t wait to show!  They should be more or less done by the end of the week.  In the mean time, I have these charm necklaces to show.  I hope you like them – they are mainly bird and sewing themed.


I went a bit mad buying manila labels on the weekend, but they do seem to make everything look much more classy somehow.

Button Jewellery

I thought I’d share my button love by showing some button-themed necklaces which I’ve made over the years.  Firstly, this black one is made from big buttons and sequins strung together.  The inspiration came from a necklace my sister had, which used mother of pearl discs instead of buttons. black button necklace

This brass one has a small button charm and a blue pearl with a matching ribbon.  I love this one!  I got the charm from Etsy, along with an old fashioned sewing machine, bird cage and Eiffel button necklace

I’d love for you to share some more button jewellery ideas with me if you have them 🙂