Butterfly flutterby

My picture for today is butterflies, as I have just got myself this new tshirt from ASOSbutterflyPicture from Studio Sjoesjoe

I do promise that I will start posting some more craft soon, but I have been INSANELY busy since before Christmas. I recently started a new job, which I love, but I’m still finding my feet. Oh, and I am also “training” to do the Brighton Half Marathon in February (training in the loosest possible sense, as I just want to finish it. I have no designs of doing it quickly). But this means I am using a big chunk of craft time running…


Perfect bird fabric ATC

As it has ended up being a cold and wet Bank Holiday, I have been doing some crafting. I finished my ATC for the Very Berry Handmade swap (with time to spare – it needs to be posted in early September). The theme is getting away from it all, and my partner apparently likes nature and animals.  perfect bird fabric  atcI used so many little scraps up to make it, and was aiming for a little bit rough and ready. The bird was cut out from one piece of fabric, and I sewed on a tiny bead for the eye. The background was made out of some of my favourite fabric ever, it had embroidered flowers and leaves all over it. I only had a tiny piece though. The other green and yellow fabric is what I used to make my cat from ages ago.

I ended up using a bit of the Beatrix Potter fabric I used to make bunting from as backing for the bird, and to cut out the “perfect.” I have learnt from bitter experience that my handwriting is not good enough for decorative purposes. I am toying with the idea of getting a set of letter stamps for the future to make printed fabric. The little button I found after going though my button collection to find the right one to finish it off. I then promptly dropped it and lost it under to sofa, but luckily I had a spare!

There are a couple already up on the Very Berry Handmade Flickr page, why not take a look?