Crocheting with double strand wool

I have been trying out crocheting with two different wools at the same time. It came about because I started crocheting using some very fine purple wool on its own, and it was taking far too long. So I combined it with some turquoise wool of a similar thickness I had left. The result is a nice, chunky, jewel coloured effect, which works up much more quickly! It is quite yarn-hungry though. I’m using UK treble crochet and I’m planning to make a cowl. double strand crochetTalking of cowls, how do you like this one I knitted the other week? It was just a rectangle, but I twisted it once at the front before I sewed it shut. This makes it sit a bit nicer around the neck. It also makes rather a nifty turban style earwarmer. knit cowlTo finish up, my sister sent me this picture yesterday, so true in my book!
crafting comes before housework


Knit a tank top

I’ve just heard about this charity challenge which is running until the end of July. Knit a tank top is raising money for Blind Veterans UK, by encouraging crafty people to create enough 8″ x 8″ knit and crochet squares together to make a jumper for a tank which will be at the Shoreham Airshow this summer. knit a tank top blind veterans uk

Once you register, you are committing to make a minimum of one square or a maximum of 20. While you don’t have to fundraise, if you do raise over £30 you will get a nice tote bag with the knitted tank logo on it.

This is a proper local event to Sussex (although it seems to be worldwide if you want to take part), and it is for a great charity. Blind Veterans UK works with veterans of all ages with sight loss – providing practical support, training and help, respite care and holidays. One of their big residential centres is near Brighton, but they have two other ones as well. Shoreham Air Show is also a huge local event which takes place every August (although I must confess, we normally end up at the Airbourne air show in Eastbourne).