Brighton Craft Fair

I did my first fair today – the Brighton Craft Fair!  This is my stall – I got my big board from someone on Gumtree, and gave it a lick of paint and some new fabric. craft stall

I enjoyed meeting and talking to other crafters, and I also sold quite a bit and gave out lots of business cards.  I’ve been bitten by the bug now and want to do some more, so watch this space 🙂

What made it even better was that my little sister came and visited me!  She lives in Wales and this weekend is visiting a friend in London.  They both came on a day trip to Brighton to surprise me.  It was lovely to see them both.

The craft fair organisers came around a took lots of pictures, so I will be posting more over the next couple of days.

Rose earrings

I found a new bead shop today in Brighton – The Big Bead Boutique.  It has been there for ages but is slightly off our usual stamping ground, so I have not been in before.  They have a great selection of different beads and cabs.  I got some of these rose beads and made some earrings – what do you think? rose earrings I like them so much I’m going to get some more on the weekend 🙂

Button brooch

Yesterday afternoon, I sat down to catch up with Downton Abbey and craft – best afternoon plan ever!  My main project was to make a button brooch.  While I was looking for something in my jewellery-making drawer, I found one of the sieve backs which I use to make my button brooches.  I thought I had run out, so this was an added bonus.  I just need to source some more now…  seive brooch back

I had a good rummage in my button collection to find a nice selection of purple and lilac buttons.  I particularly like the flower patterned and lacey patterned ones.  purple button brooch

I got the idea from the Bead Simple book which I had as a present from a friend a couple of years ago.  The visuals and ideas in the book are great, and very easy to adapt to your own tastes.  Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration!

bead simple book

Out of all my jewellery books (and I have a few) I always go back to this one, as it is not too twee and the ideas are actually pretty simple and do-able with often minimal supplies.

Earring bonanza!

I feel like I have been neglectful of my blog recently, but I have been so busy.  Mainly making stuff ready for the craft fair which is now just over a month away!

To go with the fabric button studs, I have made these dangly fabric and crystal earrings in a range of different colours. fabric and crystal earrings

I have also made lots of brass and copper earrings, with different charms and bead combinations. copper brass bird earrings Please check out my Folksy page if you like the look of anything, I have added a few more goodies as well.

In other news – I have had some more information about the Very Berry Handmade ATC swap.  The theme is Autumn, and my thinking cap is well and truly on.  I just need to try and put something down on paper!

Wooden button necklaces

Finally, I the button pendants I mentioned the other day are finished.  Well, some of them anyway as I have run out of chain.  Once I’ve got some more chain I will have 20 in total.  button necklaces

I’m not doing well in buying supplies recently – I went all the way to Beads Unlimited the other day and got all I needed but forgot jumprings.  As they are a fundamental part of my charm necklaces I can’t finish any more until I schlep back into town, or buy online.  One day I’ll learn to do a proper shopping list!

Charm necklaces

Today it is a bit wet, cold and miserable here and I’m not feeling motivated to get anything going.  This is exacerbated by the fact I have a few bits and bobs in the post which means I can’t complete a couple of my projects.

I am mid way through making some button pendants, which I can’t wait to show!  They should be more or less done by the end of the week.  In the mean time, I have these charm necklaces to show.  I hope you like them – they are mainly bird and sewing themed.


I went a bit mad buying manila labels on the weekend, but they do seem to make everything look much more classy somehow.

Craft fair prep

I have been using today to prep for the Brighton Craft Fair, which I am going to in October.  I’m really looking forward to it, but I’m slightly nervous as I have no idea how much stuff to make. button earringsThese are some of my “wares” – button earrings made from old and new buttons, and fabric covered buttons.  The fabric is a bit of a mix, some vintage, some Liberty Tana lawn and some scraps from clothes and craft projects.  fabric button earringsPlease, if anyone has any newbie craft fair tips, I would be extremely grateful!  How much stock is enough?!