Ice cream making

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  We finally got round to doing our ice cream making sessions at Cloud Nine in Brighton. cloud nineWe have been there before for very good cake, but I must confess, not for ice cream.  We are creatures of habit and pretty much always end up in the same haunts. cloud nine shop frontDuring our hour long session, we used their massive gelato machine to make raspberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream and double chocolate ice cream (chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce running through).  The sorbet is amazing – it is really creamy and light.  The vanilla is lovely and rich, and the chocolate is just plain gorgeous.

ice creamWe came out with 6 big tubs of ice cream, which no doubt will be eaten very quickly!  We are aiming to keep one chocolate one ready for my sister when she comes to visit though…

PS my favourite ice cream in Brighton is Boho Gelato, especially the salted caramel and the mojito flavours.  Scoop & Crumb does excellent sundaes though.  The Naked Tea & Coffee Company has a huge selection of specialty teas and good granola bars.  Infinity Cafe is vegetarian and mostly gluten free too, and does the best big salad meals for lunch.  Also, if you sit upstairs by the window you can spy on people walking through the North Laines.