House plushie

A little while back, I decided I fancied a small sewing challenge. I have some IKEA house print fabric in my stash, left over from a variety of different projects, and I used this as a basic template to make a house plushie.
house fabric template Having selected my favourite house shape, I cut it out (and a matching bag shape from some retro floral sheet). I appliquéd on the window shapes, using a couple of different coloured fabric scraps and the sewing machine.  
house pinned in place

To finish off, I used piece of scrap ribbon as a hanger and sewed the house shapes together, right side together (following the black outline). Make sure there is a little gap to stuff it with! Sew up the gap using ladder stitch.House finishedThis was a fun little project, and you could just as easily use a sharpie or a fabric pen to draw the house outline. It hardly took any time at all to make, so could also be a useful last minute present idea.

More House Doorstops

Since it has been snowing again today and I am on my day off, I have been (finally) finishing up the doorstop houses I was asked to do after Christmas.  I did the cutting out and hand sewing on the weekend, and did the machine sewing and stuffing today.  Here is the green and blue one, complete with very cute bird chintzy fabric.

green and blue houseThe original tutorial is here, but I have now worked out through trial and error that you get the best shaped roof by using 2 separate pieces of fabric instead of one larger piece.  It makes the roof look more pitched.



House Door Stop

This Christmas, I made a couple of these doorstop houses as presents.  They were so popular I have been asked to make some more already!

fj house

I based them on this tutorial, but I hand stitched on the features because I enjoy sewing by hand but don’t do it nearly enough.  The project is a great way to use up tiny scraps for the windows and doors, and the roof of this one is made from one of my husbands old shirts.