My winter sparkle ATC

I received my ATC on Christmas Eve, and then promptly went on holiday, so I haven’t yet had chance to post it yet. Here it is though, isn’t it cute? winter sparkle atcIt came all the way from a very hot Brazil, and from Bea at Juntando Arte. It’s always nice to have post from far away, so much more exciting than bills. As I display all my ATCs throughout the year, Bea made it wintery but not too Christmasy, so it won’t look out of place when it finally gets warm here. Apparently, Bea used to live in the UK for three years and really loved it here. I must be honest, I love it here too (especially Brighton) but I do wish it was a bit warmer and drier…

There are a few more pictures on Flickr of some of the other swaps. I really like this robin one and this star one.


Lazy daisy and french knot sampler

Just a quick post to show you a little sampler I have made as a Christmas present.  I drew small circles on the fabric, and did the lazy daisy stitches around the edge of the circle, instead of the traditional way (like in my embroidered stocking).  I then filled out the middle of each flower with french knots.

lazy daisy and french knot

I have never done french knots before this project, but this tutorial by Sublime Stitching gives very clear instructions.  They are much easier than I thought they were!


Embroidery hoop art

I have seen the idea of using an embroidery hoop as a frame for artwork going around computer-land for a few years, and decided to have a go at making my own the other day.  I had a couple of spare embroidery hoops knocking around in my stash – as you do!  The picture below is my first attempt – cwtch means hug in Welsh.  I used some wonderweb to back the fabric scrap heart and appliqued it on using large running stitch all over.cwtch hug embroidery

I made this one too for Fathers Day, to go in my dads new den/”office”. the den embroideryI raided my button stash for the most military looking buttons, the middle one I think is from some French military equipment.  I have no idea how it got into my button stash!

This seems to be the easiest way to finish them off  that I could find.  If you are just hanging it straight on the wall, it doesn’t really matter what the back looks like (although that is not an excuse for scruffy stitching!)  I did find some other tutorials where you can finish off the back with felt circles or even yo-yos.  Talking of yo-yos I now have an urge to make some, distracting me from the challenge of making a door blind…