Fabric Russian dolls

The other day I picked up a copy of a brand new magazine called Love Sewing.  It was the first issue, and I will definitely be getting again, as without fail pretty much everything in there is either useful and/or beautiful.  There is a rather nice pattern for a simple shift dress, which is begging to be made…  Incidentally, Very Berry Handmade has also been inventing some lovely Liberty themed projects which were in the freebie magazine which came with it.  Got to love Liberty’s beautiful fabrics.

Anyway, the first project I tackled was the fabric Russian doll trio, which was in the freebie Liberty magazine. Russian doll magazine spread - Edited

Instead of scraps, I used a set of three fat quarters which I got from Stampin Up a while ago.  I have been saving them for something special, as the fabric is so lovely, especially the middle one, which has cameos on it.

fabric russian dolls

Each doll has a different pattern on the back, to make them a bit more exciting, and I used white felt for the faces.  I have been wanting to make some fabric Russian dolls for ages, to go on our new bookshelf, but I couldn’t find the right pattern.  This pattern was so simple, and there is so much scope to decorate them up in different ways.  I’m tempted to make another set sometime soon!


More raggie dolls

I have a made a couple more raggie dolls this weekend – here they are with the first one I made3 dollsThe new ones both have brown hair, and were custom ordered following the first success.  The guidance was one had to be princess pink!  You can’t really see it in the photo, but the pink fabric has tiny little birds on it amongst the foliage.  I got a little scrap of it from Fabric Land for about 60p.2 dolls

Good golly Miss Mollie

On the weekend I had a go at making a Mollie doll from issue 14 of Mollie Makes.  It was a great scrap-buster, making good use of an old pillowcase, scrap patterned fabric and my massive felt collection (no idea how I have accumulated so much felt!)cut out dollI am really pleased with the result, and have another 4 in the pipeline already (both as presents and orders). doll

The pattern calls for the face features to be made with felt scraps, but I always come unstuck with cutting out and placing a matching pair of eyes.  So I did a quick hunt on Pinterest and found a great link with doll facial feature ideas.  I will definitely be referring to that again in the future.  I just drew the details on in pencil and then embroidered on. close up of doll

I think I will be keeping her, as she is not quite perfect.  I had issues getting her legs in place, so will need to make some tweaks next time.  I think I should probably be not so hard on myself, as it is only me who notices the fact her skirt hem is a bit squiff!