Easy bunting card

I made this quick bunting card today, ready for Mothers Day next Sunday.  It was super easy to do, and doesn’t need too many paper supplies at all. Bunting Card CollageIngredients

  • Plain piece of card, folded in half to make the base of the whole card
  • Scraps of patterned paper and other bids and bobs to decorate the front of your card
  • Short piece of embroidery floss
  • PVA glue
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors or craft knife


  1. Start by decorating the outside of your card (I used a strip of paper and a pre-printed label which I stuck on using sticky pads).
  2. Punch a hole with a hole punch, so it goes through both layers of card (as show below).

punch holes3. Cut out 4 diamond shapes from your scrap papers to make the bunting flags.  Use the PVA to glue them into place on the embroidery floss.  Leave the glue to dry. paper bunting for card

4. The next step is to add the bunting to the card. threading the bunting instructions6. Tie the card shut with a bow, using the embroidery floss. front of thebunting card

7. Open the card up to show the celebratory bunting!

bunting card



Alcove shelving

Just a quick post to show off the amazing handiwork of my husband who completed this alcove shelving unit over the Christmas holidays.  He made it all by himself with not too much swearing and for around £30.  I’m loving the extra space and now have an excuse to buy some more books to fill them all up.  alcove shelving unit

We got the wood at a wood reclamation centre called the Wood Store in Brighton.  The Wood Store is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise, with income raised by charging for wood collection and from sales of wood and wood products (they sell lovely handmade shelves and boxes amongst other items).  The surplus gets ploughed back into the project and in making grants to local environmental groups.  Double bonus!

Tutorial roundup

I thought coming towards the end of the year it would be nice to do a round-up of some of my tutorials, both my favourite projects and those which have been most popular with you lovely people.

This is the first lot, but I will be posting more over the next couple of weeks.

Reversible apron – I made this as a present for my friend, it’s a great way to showcase your favourite fabrics!pinned apron bias tape

Paper flower garland – this is by far one of the most viewed projects over the past year.  They are really easy (if slightly time consuming) to make and I have also used them to embellish cards.  You could probably use to decorate your special Christmas presents too!paper flower garland

Things to do with yo yos and more things to do with yo yos – need I say more?  Yo yos are amazing and very versatile 🙂yo yos

Crafting with my sister (and the dog)

When I went home to Wales recently, I spent a rather nice afternoon in the sun crafting with my sister.  A while ago she went a bit mad an bought some papier mache letters and decopatch paper decorate, but had never got round to making them.  She doesn’t do craft as a rule…  So we had a go at them together! decopatch

I’ve never used decopatch before, but it was easy to use.  We used 3 different patterns and got a nice patchwork/scrappy effect.  There is also loads left over, which my mum is going to use with her guides.

My sister managed the W and T before she got a bit bored 🙂 cwtch letters

When I was taking pictures to finish up, Bryn the dog decided to pose for us.  He is possibly the most photogenic dog ever! cwtch bryn

Easy wedding makes

Following on from my wedding anniversary post, here are a couple of easy wedding makes which made an appearance at my wedding.


This confetti was made from rose petals from my grans garden which were the dried out.  My mum then made paper cones a bit like these ones, and put them in a big wicker basket. home made confetti

Slate and shell candles

For these, we used some old roof slates, some big tower candles and shells.  The shells came from my cousins who went to the beach armed with beach buckets to collect shells.  Simply artfully arrange the shells and the light candle!  Easy 🙂 shell and slate decoration


Adding a collar to a dress

My sister has this navy dress, which used to have a large sailor-style collar on it.  She didn’t like it though (and I have to agree it kind of spoiled the line of the dress) so I had a go at revamping it a bit for her.  I decided to go for a little lacy collar in a contrasting colour.  The first step was to cut off the original collar (very fiddly!), and this done I pinned the bright pink lace into place.  Then for sewing – again quite fiddly as I didn’t want the stitches showing through the lace and I also wanted the inside of the dress to not look too bad.  navy dress with collar

When I had sewn it all in place, the lace wasn’t sitting quite right at the back, probably because straight lines don’t like curves that much.  So I sewed the bottom of the lace in place too and it sat much better.  I really like the overall look now of the dress, and you can definitely see the line of the nice floaty dress better.  My sister is a fan (I hope, or else she was just being nice!)