Messy scrap cushion

Following on from the messy scrap patches I made the other week, I used them to make a squishy cushion as a present for a friend. In the end, I used some cream and pink spotty stripes to break up the patches. As an aside, check out the lovely Melin Tregwynt Welsh tapestry blanket I had for my birthday. It is so cosy! patchwork cushion cocojudeI used my yellow retro sheet from the back (I swear it is never ending!)yellow cushion back cocojudeI did have some issues while making it – I felt a bit rough and ended up made way more mistakes than usual. I had to unpick and remeasure a few times (partly because the cushion pad was so squishy it was hard to work out exactly what size the cover needed to be).

I still have some pieces of fabric left, including this lovely blue one which looks a bit like seagulls, and this beige version of my favourite black bird fabric.
beige and blue fabric cocojude I’m currently cutting out fabric for a little mini quilt, and I’ll be using these, along with even more yellow retro sheet and other blue, yellow and green fabrics in my stash. I have also had the idea of appliquéing beach hut-looking houses onto it as well – kind of Brighton themed! I have some Britten Hus fabric from IKEA, to cut the houses out from. The link is to a blogger who used the fabric, as it seems IKEA don’t do it any more, but I do love the idea on the blog!

Envelope cushion tutorial

My friend asked me to hem her curtains for her new flat, and in return took me to see Amelie at the Preston Manor outdoor cinema, which was all set up in the lovely gardens.  I got round to sewing the curtains up today, and had loads of fabric left over, so decided to make a quick envelope cushion to match.  The front fabric is a sample scrap from C&H fabrics, which cost me 20p!  It is a nightmare of fraying-ness, but it looks very retro.  This is more of a mini tutorial, but thought it may be useful.  It took me a few minutes to make sure I was making my cushion-cover sandwich the right way round. pink and purple fan cushionFor the length, measure the cushion pad and then multiply by 3.  I used one third of one fabric for the front, and two thirds of curtain fabric for the back.  For the width, measure the width of the cushion pad and add a seam allowance.

Hem at both ends and line up nice and flat.  Fold the front piece so one third of the fabric is on top of another third.making an envelope cushion step 1Then flip the other end of the fabric to cover the front and middle thirds of fabric.  You should now have a fabric third sandwich, which you can just make out in the picture below. making an envelope cushion step 2Sew up both of the sides, and zig zag the edges if your fabric is particularly fraying (like mine was).  Turn the whole thing the right way around, and then stuff in your pillow.  I added a few decorative buttons to hold my front fabric in place as it was gaping a bit, I think because it was so loosely woven.

Please let me know if you have any trouble following the instructions, and I’ll do my best to help!

Very quirky cushion and charity shopping

This cushion is so silly it hurts! My friend has started church bell ringing as a hobby (as you do) and the other day I noticed this rather odd framed picture in a charity shop window. I love charity shopping, I find it so hard to walk past them without nipping in. This picture was just sitting there, waiting for me, I’m sure.framed bell ringing pictureYes, it is a framed bell ringing montage, printed on a felt fabric. What is all that about?! I HAD to get it for her, and ended up carry a massive frame all through town. Anyway, I spent a while musing on what to do with it (a picture is just a bit too random) and hit upon the idea of making a cushion. completed church bell ringing cushion cocojude

The front side is the montage, and the back is made from the very retro yellow fabric which I got from another charity shop. yellow retro fabric cushion cocojude (1)I stuffed the whole thing with stuffing rather than use a separate cushion pad, as it is a slightly odd size. I’m so pleased with how it turned out, it actually looks quite nice! I shoehorned it into a box to be posted up to my friend, and she said (and I quote) “I think it may be the best thing in the world ever!”