Drift wood craft

I love beachcombing (also skip diving and scanning the streets in Brighton, where people often leave stuff on the pavement to give away – anything for freebies!) Unfortunately, not much exciting gets washed up in Brighton. So every time I go home to Wales, I try and get some beachcombing in. Last time, I got some great pieces of drift wood which I have used to decorate our living room shelves, as well to build a small decorative woodpile in our (broken) fireplace.

Anyway, I thought I would share this link, as it is by far one of my most pinned pins. There are some really good ideas in there – I would love to make one of the Christmas Trees, but there is not really enough room in my house to store it!

drift wood craft

Great grandmothers knitting needles

We didn’t end up camping this weekend, but instead took an impromptu trip back to Wales. I came back with a bag full of stuff my dad offloaded on me, including old books and my great grandmothers knitting needles. I also did a little bit of beach-combing, and have some nice bits of driftwood, which I have some plans for. box of knitting needlesI now have no excuse whatsoever for not getting on and learning to knit, as I also have stacks of yarn! There are some nice thick wooden needles, and I think they would work well with some of the nice thick wool my sister gave to me a few weeks ago.knitting needles close upPlease someone point me towards some fool proof, small, beginner knitting projects.

Hexagonal paper flower tutorial

I was after a quick and effective idea to make a birthday card, so I did lots of hunting around for some inspiration.  I really wanted an idea for a nice flat paper flower, but this seems surprisingly hard to find.  In the end, I found this great tutorial on how to make fabric hexagonal yo yos, and decided to try it with paper.  It worked really well, although I will say a thicker, better quality paper made it so much easier and gave a nice finish.  I used two different sized hexagonal flowers to decorate my card – one on top of the other, finished off with a sequin.

card with hexagonal paper flowers

I’ve put together a little tutorial on how to make them, and combined with the fabric tutorial, hopefully it should all make sense!  As usual, if there are any problems, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help.


  • Patterned paper (a bit thicker is easier to work with)
  • Circle template (I used a glass)


1. Cut out a circle from paper – any size will do but the smaller the more fiddly it gets (about 8cm across is a good size).

step 1 paper flower2. Fold in half and then into quarters. step 3 paper flower tutorial3. Unfold the circle, and mark the centre (this makes the next few folds so much easier). step 5 paper flower tutorial4. Fold one edge into the centre mark. step 6 paper flower tutorial5. Fold the left hand corner into the centre. step 7 paper flower tutorial6. Repeat stage 5 twice more, until it looks like the example below. step 9 paper flower tutorial7. Fold the left hand corner into the middle to make a point.step 10 paper flower tutorial8. Unfold the point, and put the left hand edge on top of the right hand edge, as shown below.step 11step 129. After stage 8, you will be left with a little flappy bit.step 1410. This bit is really hard to explain, but you need to flip the flap under the triangle to the left of the last triangle which you made.  I had to try this stage out a few times before I got it right, so please let me know if you get stuck.  step 1511. Tuck the flap in, and make sure all your triangle seams line up centrally. finished hexagonal paper flower

More new stash additions

My sister had a clear out at work, so I have inherited some new yarns and buttons! Here’s a sneak at some of the yarn. They are all one balls, mostly nice chunky yarns and fancy yarns, although the light grey one is very light weight and fine. The dark grey one is apparently Aran wool.wool stashAny idea of small one ball crochet projects I can use them for? Or knitting for that matter? I still need to re-learn how to knit this year!

Look what I won!

As some of you may know, I actually won something during the Sew Mama Sew giveaway. This made my month, as I literally never win anything! I won a lovely bundle of six big pieces of blue fabric, which came all the way from France, from Crafty Sorcha. Here are a couple of snaps of my goodies.blue fabric cocojude I particularly like this bright blue flowery one…

blue flower fabric cocojudeAnd this pale blue, almost Liberty-esque one. pale blue fabric cocojudeI’m thinking of using them with some other blues from my stash to make another quilt of some kind. Has anyone won anything exciting in a giveaway recently?