Giveaway day!

**Giveaway now closed**

In honour of the fact I have been blogging for nearly a year, I’m having a giveaway.  giveaway catThe goodies will include the following:

  • one of my owl keyrings
  • a button brooch
  • a pair of yellow rose earrings
  • packet of vintage buttons

I will also include some other surprises!

Giveaway Collage

How to enter

If you would like to enter, please take a couple of minutes to follow my blog (via bloglovin or email) or like my facebook page and post a comment saying which option you have chosen to let me know you have entered.  Please feel free to spread the word, and let everyone know about it!

The competition will close on 5 December 2013.  After that, I’ll compile the comments and announce a winner on 9 December 2013.  Make sure you pop back to see if it is you 🙂

Terms and Conditions

– Genuine followers only please. 
– You can enter as many times as you like. Each comment or like is counted as one entry.
– Winners will be announced on the 9 December 2013.  Please check back to see if you are a winner, if prizes are not claimed within 2 weeks I will chose another entrant.
– Open to anyone on planet Earth.


Photos from Brighton Craft Fair

As promised, here are a couple of pictures from the craft fair yesterday.  This one is a close-up of my necklace board and also my button brooches.

necklaces on stall

And a close-up of some of my other bits and pieces.  I got the glass bowls from the flea market because when I did my mock stall it looked very bare!  items on stall

My cwtch cushion got a few comments from displaces Welshies.  Definitely a good talking point 🙂  There are some more pictures on the Brighton Craft Fair Facebook page.  I particularly liked Flip Underdown –  he had some amazing glass items.



Button brooch

Yesterday afternoon, I sat down to catch up with Downton Abbey and craft – best afternoon plan ever!  My main project was to make a button brooch.  While I was looking for something in my jewellery-making drawer, I found one of the sieve backs which I use to make my button brooches.  I thought I had run out, so this was an added bonus.  I just need to source some more now…  seive brooch back

I had a good rummage in my button collection to find a nice selection of purple and lilac buttons.  I particularly like the flower patterned and lacey patterned ones.  purple button brooch

I got the idea from the Bead Simple book which I had as a present from a friend a couple of years ago.  The visuals and ideas in the book are great, and very easy to adapt to your own tastes.  Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration!

bead simple book

Out of all my jewellery books (and I have a few) I always go back to this one, as it is not too twee and the ideas are actually pretty simple and do-able with often minimal supplies.

Wooden button necklaces

Finally, I the button pendants I mentioned the other day are finished.  Well, some of them anyway as I have run out of chain.  Once I’ve got some more chain I will have 20 in total.  button necklaces

I’m not doing well in buying supplies recently – I went all the way to Beads Unlimited the other day and got all I needed but forgot jumprings.  As they are a fundamental part of my charm necklaces I can’t finish any more until I schlep back into town, or buy online.  One day I’ll learn to do a proper shopping list!

Craft fair prep

I have been using today to prep for the Brighton Craft Fair, which I am going to in October.  I’m really looking forward to it, but I’m slightly nervous as I have no idea how much stuff to make. button earringsThese are some of my “wares” – button earrings made from old and new buttons, and fabric covered buttons.  The fabric is a bit of a mix, some vintage, some Liberty Tana lawn and some scraps from clothes and craft projects.  fabric button earringsPlease, if anyone has any newbie craft fair tips, I would be extremely grateful!  How much stock is enough?!


Paper flower garland

I had an urge yesterday to do something crafty with paper, but wasn’t sure what.  So I googled “paper crafts” and found this fabulous tutorial to make paper flowers.  Not content with just making 1 flower, I decided to make 10 flowers for a double-sided garland.cut out paper flowersI used my fancy circle cutting gadget to cut out a lot of small circles to make the flower petals.  Each flower has 8 petals, and as I made 10 flowers in total, it kept me out of mischief for a while anyway! paper flower garland

Here is the whole garland- I double-sided all the flowers so that whichever way you look at it, you have a complete flower.  I also used some vintage satin pale blue ribbon which my gran donated to me when she cleared out her sewing box, and mother of pearl button centres to finish the flowers off.paper flower close up

Finally, here is a close-up of one of the flowers.  I love this pretty flower print and pink paper.  There are some many things you could do with these flowers, if I had a little more patience I think a wreath of them in different sizes would look lovely.  Maybe that can be my next challenge!

Button jar

Inspired by a magazine (Simply Homemade) which I bought a couple of months ago, and my friends amazingly organised craft equipment, I decided to have a go at decorating some old jars and using them for storage.  The look really effective but were easy peasy to make – here are some basic instruction, but to be honest it is a case of letting your imagination run wild! pink button jar


  • Old jam jars or coffee jars, with labels and glue removed
  • Decorative paper
  • Ribbon
  • Luggage labels
  • Any other embellishments which take your fancy e.g. stickers, flowers, sequins
  • PVA glue and paint brush
  • Craft knife


Go mad with the glue, and decorate your jars however you like!

I have a fancy gadget with lets you cut out perfect circles to any size, and I used this to make the lid covering, which was just glued into place.  I decorated my button jar with some small cardboard buttons which I got in a craft kit once, but other than that I just used different sized rectangles of paper to make the labels. small jars

For these 2 smaller jars, I just covered the lids with a paper circle and tied a ribbon with a luggage label around their necks.  I glued a small piece of matching paper to the back of the luggage label, and wrote what was in them on the blank side.