Spotlight on Heartmade Beejoux

Today’s spotlight is on Heartmade Beejoux, who makes beaded jewellery.  I particularly love the cake necklace, and Monica also has some great tips for craft sellers.

My name is Monica and I am the designer at Heartmade Beejoux.  I am 28 years old and I moved to the UK almost a year ago.  I’ve always been attracted to beading, ever since I was 5 and transformed one of mum’s broken necklaces in a bracelet for myself.  I wore it for a very long time and since then I knew I would like to make more.  I started beading more seriously when I received a professional jewellery making tool kit.  I was so excited about the whole process that I ended up buying tiny beads.  I got better at that now! heartmade beejoux cake necklaceI always ask myself if I’d wear the item I’m making, so I end up making lots of bracelets.  I love wearing bracelets and watches!  I only make bespoke items and you can find a piece of my soul in every item.  I love each one of them in their own little way.  Of course it happens often when I have a finished item that I ask myself if I’d wear it and end up not selling it in the end.  That’s the fun of beading, I suppose! 


Any tips?

I’ve been selling on various websites throughout the years, but now I can be found on Etsy and Folksy.  One of the most important aspects to selling my items online are the photos.   They make a real difference.  They are the best way to show my customers exactly what they will get, and they are what sticks in a buyer’s mind when they are making their choice. 

I only started my blog for a couple weeks now, so I am still learning on that side – baby steps – but I found it’s very important to keep it updated, to keep people coming back.

heartmade beejoux teal and goldI love the craft world and currently am a full time beader, sharing my time between beads and social media, from my home in Surrey.

Where to find Heartmade Beejoux

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Silver and Brass Leaf Bracelet

Happy Saturday from a very soggy South Coast…  I thought I would share another one of my metal work creations.  It is a hammered silver bracelet, with oxidised brass leaves which nearly meet in the middle.  It has a definite Autumnal vibe to it, but I tend to wear this one quite a lot as it is nice and chunky.  I hope you like it!

leaf bracelet