Perfect bird fabric ATC

As it has ended up being a cold and wet Bank Holiday, I have been doing some crafting. I finished my ATC for the Very Berry Handmade swap (with time to spare – it needs to be posted in early September). The theme is getting away from it all, and my partner apparently likes nature and animals.  perfect bird fabric  atcI used so many little scraps up to make it, and was aiming for a little bit rough and ready. The bird was cut out from one piece of fabric, and I sewed on a tiny bead for the eye. The background was made out of some of my favourite fabric ever, it had embroidered flowers and leaves all over it. I only had a tiny piece though. The other green and yellow fabric is what I used to make my cat from ages ago.

I ended up using a bit of the Beatrix Potter fabric I used to make bunting from as backing for the bird, and to cut out the “perfect.” I have learnt from bitter experience that my handwriting is not good enough for decorative purposes. I am toying with the idea of getting a set of letter stamps for the future to make printed fabric. The little button I found after going though my button collection to find the right one to finish it off. I then promptly dropped it and lost it under to sofa, but luckily I had a spare!

There are a couple already up on the Very Berry Handmade Flickr page, why not take a look?


Summer ATC swap is here!

I’ve been waiting for this for ages, and it is finally here!  Very Berry Handmade is running her fourth fabric ATC swap, and I have signed up to take part. atc-swap-4-button2I took part in the second and third swaps (check out the cards I made here and here, and the amazing ones I have recieved here and here).  The theme is ‘Getting Away from it All’ – which apparently can be interpreted that however we like.

I have a couple of ideas already, but I’ll wait to find out my partners preferences before I commit to anything.  Based on past experience, I change my mind lots in the process of making anyway….!

Daffodil ATC

I came home from work yesterday to find my ATC swap had arrived!  I am so sad, I have been eagerly awaiting the post every day for well over a week, as usually it is just bills and junk mail.  My daffodil ATC was made by Helen, and it is very tactile. daffodil fabric atc

I love the way she has used a mix of different fabrics and textures, and hand and machine sewing. close up of daffodil atc

Thanks Helen!  I will be keeping an eye out on Very Berry Handmade for the next swap (which is going to be in July apparently).

Fabric ATC

I managed to get going with my ATC yesterday afternoon, and I finished it up this morning. It doesn’t have to be sent until mid-March, so for once I am ahead of myself!  When Ali from Very Berry Handmade came back with the details, it seems the vote was split between a spring theme and a book theme, so we could choose what we wanted to do.  I ended up with best of both worlds, doing a spring book theme, as my partner was very flexible with what she likes.  spring book atcI used a flower punch and some old book pages for the small flowers, and a scrap of yellow fabric for the daffodil.  I added a few flower buttons and a bit of embroidery, and edged it all with some red ribbon.  The actual base fabric was a piece of furniture sample fabric from Laura Ashley, which just happened to be exactly the right size when folded in half.  It also makes a nice neutral background for the decorations I thought.

I have added my picture to the Flickr group, and there are a couple of other ones up there too.  I’m very intrigued to see what everyone else comes up with.

Very Berry Handmade ATC swap number 3

Yey, I have just had an email to say that I am part of the next Very Berry Handmade ATC swap!  I did the last one in Autumn, I had this glorious card below from Cloud CouCouwooly atc

Suggested themes for this time round are Spring, My Favourite Book, Peace or Hope.  I’m rooting for the book theme – my head is thinking Anne of Green Gables and some kind of patchwork.  I loved Anne of Green Gables when I was younger, and always remember the quote:

“I do not like patchwork,” said Anne dolefully, hunting out her workbasket and sitting down before a little heap of red and white diamonds with a sigh.  “I think some kinds of sewing would be nice; but there’s no scope for imagination in patchwork.  It’s just one little seam after another and you never seem to be getting anywhere.  But of course I’d rather be Anne of Green Gables sewing patchwork than Anne of any other place with nothing to do but play.  I wish time went as quick sewing patches as it does when I’m playing with Diana, though.

I’m sure there is an ATC somewhere in there (also Anne has my attitude towards patchwork, I find it really had for some reason – far too precise for me).  Unfortunately, the ATC group has been filled up now, but it is worth keeping an eye out for the next one.  The aim is to run 3 over the course of the year. very berry handmade atc 3

My ATC swap is here!

I got my ATC in the post yesterday!  It is lovely, and came from Amy at Cloud CouCou.  It was all wrapped up with this wonderful knitting-effect writing set (if I had some I’m sure I’d find more time to handwrite letters to people…)

unwrapping atc

I love the finished item – both the front, which has lots of red in it (my favourite colour), looks like a little rainbow and is fully of texture,wooly atc

and the back!    back of atc

Amy said “The card is supposed to reflect the changing leaves of autumn and I love a good rainbow so couldn’t resist the colours!”

Thank you Amy, I will be sending a thank you note in the post 🙂