Side, Turkey

We’ve just come back from a holiday in Side, Turkey. It was fabulous! Lovely and warm and the town was spectacular. Side is basically built on and around ancient Roman ruins. I dragged my poor husband around for several hours of exploring over a number of days! I felt a bit like Indiana Jones. As it is very out of season at the moment, it was really quiet, so we could potter around the sand dunes, looking at ruined Byzantine churches, deserted Roman villas and palaces, all on our own.

One of the highlights is the 15,000 capacity amphitheatre. There were literally about four people in there visiting at the same time as us, so we more or less had the place to ourselves.
side amphitheatreI also had fun finding the unexpected, such as this hidden mosaic, just on the side of the main road into the town. secret mosaicI also loved the flower patterns on this chunk of marble. roman marble flowers

Let me know your thoughts!

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