Simplicity “Jiffy” dress patterns

As I mentioned the other day, I have been given a big bag of fabrics, including this rather nice tulip print cotton.
tulip pattern fabricI got some Simplicity “Jiffy” dress patterns from Habithat. The patterns were on sale, and they were posted very quickly – the whole website is worth a look, as there is so much choice! The “Jiffy” patterns are modern reworkings of vintage patterns, and I got a 1960s shift and a 1970s wrap. I think I’m going to use the tulips for the shift dress, and I should have enough left for a skirt as well.
simplicity jiffy dress patternsI like vintage shape dresses, as they seem to suit my body shape, but I was particularly attracted to these patterns as they are supposed to be really simple. I’ll let you know how I get on with them! Does anyone have any other recommendation for easy dress or skirt patterns they have made successfully?


2 thoughts on “Simplicity “Jiffy” dress patterns

    • I also have some plans for a long dress which I want to make into a shorter skirt. The dress is not quite long enough on me to be maxi! I do worry about starting off though, I just need to take the plunge…

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