Fabric baby block

Today’s project was a quick little baby present for a friend.  I’m all for gender neutral colours, hence the black and yellow fabrics, with red ribbon tags.fabric baby blockAll that’s left to do now if find a bell to put inside, before I sew it all up.  Although I ended up winging it, there are lots of good tutorials out there, including this one from Zaaberry.


3 thoughts on “Fabric baby block

  1. I love the baby block, and know what you mean about gender-neutral colours! I’ve just knitted some baby boots for a friend (I posted pictures on my blog at the weekend); I chose pale green and cream in an attempt to make something that was suitable for a baby of either gender (the parents don’t want to know whether it’s a girl or boy until it’s born), and would also appeal to the parents. I think I went for the ‘safe’ option picking pastel colours, I think your use of strong colours and contrasts is much more fun!

    • aw thanks! I’m not massive fan of overly gendered colours so really like these colours. I’m coming to the end of my black birdy fabric though, they don’t do that colour any more…

      • It’s frustrating when you are coming to the end of some favorite fabric! I’m not a fan of overtly gender-biased children’s clothes, toys etc- a friend and I were shocked when we went to Hamleys in London before Christmas and saw how strictly ‘zoned’ (by gender) most of the toys were. It seems a shame to limit the choice like that.

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