Great grandmothers knitting needles

We didn’t end up camping this weekend, but instead took an impromptu trip back to Wales. I came back with a bag full of stuff my dad offloaded on me, including old books and my great grandmothers knitting needles. I also did a little bit of beach-combing, and have some nice bits of driftwood, which I have some plans for. box of knitting needlesI now have no excuse whatsoever for not getting on and learning to knit, as I also have stacks of yarn! There are some nice thick wooden needles, and I think they would work well with some of the nice thick wool my sister gave to me a few weeks ago.knitting needles close upPlease someone point me towards some fool proof, small, beginner knitting projects.

7 thoughts on “Great grandmothers knitting needles

  1. A garter stitch scarf or wash cloth is the perfect beginner’s knitting project. I learned to knit from tutorials on YouTube a few years ago and now I’m addicted. 🙂

  2. How incredibly special to knit with your grandmother’s needles. I wish I had my grandmother’s crochet hooks but who knows what happened to them. Enjoy!

    • I also have some tricot crochet hooks which were hers too. I don’t know what happened to the “normal” crochet hooks. She made a crochet blanket for me when I was little but sadly I don’t remember her at all, as she died when I was really small. Both my grandmothers both were very crafty and have passed on some of their knowledge to me too!

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