Papier mache bird tutorial

Following my post last week about working with Fantastic Ribbons, I’ve finally completed my papier mache bird. It is on the top shelf of our handmade alcove unit, and looks quite sweet. The method which I came up with to make my bird could easily be used to make any different papier mache shape, including letters. If you get around to trying it out, I would love to see how you get on.papier mache bird

How to make a papier mache bird

Cut out two bird templates from some thin cardboard (a cereal box works well) and cut thin strips (approximately 1.5cm wide) out from the card. These will make the sides of your bird and also the blocks to keep the shape.

bird templateUsing the strips of card, make three circles, and strategically tape them into place on your bird template (as shown below). This will keep the shape of your bird as you start building it.

bird with box to keep the shape

Balance the two templates on top of each other, using the circles to maintain the shape. Tape the thin cardboard strips around the edge using masking tape, and use more tape to secure the whole shape together. Keep taping until it is fairly sturdy. taped bird

Make sure your bird can stand up on its own. If not, tape a small flat piece of card on the bottom to make a stand (you can just see this in the picture above).

Messy bit (which I forgot to photograph)! – stick strips of white paper onto the shape using PVA glue.  Leave to dry completely. Do a second layer on top, made from kitchen roll.

How you decorate is up to you. Paint or decoupage would work lovely. I am lazy, so I edged mine with my washi tape from Fantastic Ribbons, and used an old book of flowers to decorate the sides. The little wing is made from an old map, and a button.

completed bird

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