Very quirky cushion and charity shopping

This cushion is so silly it hurts! My friend has started church bell ringing as a hobby (as you do) and the other day I noticed this rather odd framed picture in a charity shop window. I love charity shopping, I find it so hard to walk past them without nipping in. This picture was just sitting there, waiting for me, I’m sure.framed bell ringing pictureYes, it is a framed bell ringing montage, printed on a felt fabric. What is all that about?! I HAD to get it for her, and ended up carry a massive frame all through town. Anyway, I spent a while musing on what to do with it (a picture is just a bit too random) and hit upon the idea of making a cushion. completed church bell ringing cushion cocojude

The front side is the montage, and the back is made from the very retro yellow fabric which I got from another charity shop. yellow retro fabric cushion cocojude (1)I stuffed the whole thing with stuffing rather than use a separate cushion pad, as it is a slightly odd size. I’m so pleased with how it turned out, it actually looks quite nice! I shoehorned it into a box to be posted up to my friend, and she said (and I quote) “I think it may be the best thing in the world ever!”

4 thoughts on “Very quirky cushion and charity shopping

    • it was also a slightly ugly picture, whereas the cushion makes it look a bit more fun! my friend loves it though, and that’s what matters 🙂

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