Blogger snail mail

A while ago now, I signed up to take part in the Lipstick and Lashes Blogger Snail Mail. It is a quarterly gift exchange to meet bloggers from around the world and spread some love! the blogger snail mail graphic

My partner was Gemma, the organiser. I was conversing by email with Gemma for a month or so, and it has been really nice. We share a love of dogs, long weekends(!) and a background in the voluntary sector, and I have loved getting perky emails from Gemma during busy weeks at work. They really made me smile.

She sent me the most amazing bunch of goodies – post is always nice, but this bundle was great. My goodies included a a divine bluebell candle in homage to a bluebell wood run, a little tin which I will be storing buttons in and a little pamper pack, to help me relax after all the sport I am doing. I also love the postcard and notecard with happy thoughts inside! My husband has promised to make me a craft unit, with drop down table and lots of shelving, so the cards will be decorating that once it’s finished. I sent her a bumper pack of nail varnish (Gemma is a big fan) as well as the pattern for fabric Russian dolls, as Gemma is a little bit of a sewer.blogger snail mail cocojude.wordpress.comIf you would like to take part in the next Blogger Snail Mail, it opened on 16 May and you can sign up until the 30 May.  Check out the details here.

2 thoughts on “Blogger snail mail

    • I’m so excited for my craft unit but think it will be a few months coming (or until he’s fed up of the mess I make!) loved getting to know you too, and think i will join in again xx

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