A Moral Tale

(from Stitchcraft magazine, 1941):  keep calm and carry yarn

Be warned by Miss Susannah Bleech,
Who wanted wool for undies – peach –
When all her woolshop could supply
Was in the palest shade of sky.
‘But How provoking!’ Susie cried
And stamped, ‘I’ve tried and double tried;
After the pains I’ve been and gone to
You’d better get peach ordered – pronto!’

‘Pray don’t upbraid me in this fashion,’
Replied the man, ‘I’ve had my ration,
And now I do not think it’s fair
To try and get an extra share,
Small special orders grieve the souls
Of Paper, String, and Wool Controls;
To enemies you give a hostage
When you incur unneeded postage.
Forget the peach and take the sky
To do your bit for Victory.
Besides, who really cares – do you? –
Whether your vests are peach or blue?’
* * * *
The shopman paused – he’d won the day;
‘I’ve been a chump,’ blushed Sue, ‘O.K.’

Thanks to my friend Beth for this brilliant little poem and Fiona Thornton for the great picture!


Let me know your thoughts!

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