DIY Canvas Artwork

As part of the great living room revamp, I have been on the lookout for a nice piece of artwork to go on the wall.  Now everything I have seen has been too small, too expensive or too generic (you know – the same as everyone else who shops in Ikea).  So I finally bit the bullet and had a go myself, and I am mightily pleased with the result.

It all started out with a minor debate in the hardware shop as we decided on what colours to go for.  We were limited to the Dulux tester pots as they were 3 for £3!  This colour chart was our inspiration – if you ever need ideas of what colours go together the Design Seeds website is great. pear colour inspirationOnce we had picked our colours, we painted an old generic canvas white.  This took a couple of coats to get rid of all the original design. blank canvasNext, we masked a sunburst pattern onto the canvas with tape.  Use a ruler to make your stripes evenly spaced out.  Then get going with the paint!masked stripes

The stripe colours are all completely random – there was no rhyme or reason to the way they ended up.  We ended up doing two coats of paint for each colour which gave a much better finish, and there was still paint left over.  Make sure you leave it to dry before you pull off the masking tape!  Any messed up lines can be touched up with either coloured or white paint.

finished sunburst canvasThe blue-y coloured stripes were done using a metallic paint which we have used as a feature wall colour, and we have a red sofa, so the picture has tied everything together nicely.

Let me know your thoughts!

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