Tshirt yarn is amazing!

I have been wanting to make tshirt yarn for ages, and following a clear out of the wardrobes yesterday, I had a go.  For the uninitiated, tshirt yarn is basically jersey fabric cut out into long strips about 1 inch wide.  It doesn’t matter if you’re cutting ability is shocking (like mine) as you just need to pull the strips and they sort of curl over on themselves and make a nice chunky yarn.tshirt yarn

I used this tutorial from Gracious Rain to make my yarn, along with lots of old tshirts and vest tops which have seen better days. tshirt yarn crochetThis is my work in progress, I’m using the largest crochet hook which I can find (8mm) so it is quite tight.  I’m also ruining my nails as it is quite hard work to pull the stitches through!  I’m making a bag, and will post a picture of the whole thing once it is done.  Depending how it turns out, you may also get a tutorial and pattern out of me 🙂


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