How to make a crochet earwarmer

This is my second earwarmer – made from some reddish wool I got from a charity shop.  I finished it off with 2 vintage buttons from my collection. red crochet earwarmer

To make a crochet earwarmer, make a chain around 9 to 10cm long.  This should be around ch12 (+1) but you could make it thicker or thinner depending on the look you’re going for.  You then need to just keep going with the dc stitch in rows until you reach around 45cm long (I’m no good at keeping count, so best just keep checking with the tape measure and keep trying it on to check for size).  Some wools has more give to it than others, so bear the stretch in mind when you’re working out the final length.

Button earwarmer

To finish off your earwarmer so it is like the red earwarmer above, on the last but one row, do one dc then skip a stitch and do a chain stitch instead.  Start dc crocheting again in the stitch after the one skipped.  Do the same at the end of the row to give you 2 matching button holes.  Do the final row all in dc to finish off.  On the side with no button holes, sew in place the buttons so they are in the right place to go through the button holes.

Bow earwarmer

To finish off a bow earwarmer like the one below, once the band is big enough to go around your head, sc the ends together and tidy up loose ends. crochet earwarmer

Crochet a smaller band using dc stitch, around 10cm square, and then sew it into place to cover the join.

Let me know your thoughts!

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