Appliqué cushion

A while ago, I went on this appliqué class at a local workshop called Sew in Brighton (where I also learned to make bunting).  The applique session runs over a few hours, and it is so nice to sit down and just focus on sewing, with no distractions!  When you are doing it at home, usually something comes up to distract me, or I start procrastinating.  When I did the session, I got to pick out all my fabrics from their scrap bin – the yellow is an old curtain and the sort of cow-print one is from a shop sample book. applique apple cushion

I have decided my New Years resolution is going to be taking a few lessons, so I can actually make an item of clothing.  I know I can sew, but I am not confident enough to actually make something really big.  I think doing it supervised will give me the confidence I need.  Does anyone else have any New Year resolutions yet?

Let me know your thoughts!

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