Button brooch

Yesterday afternoon, I sat down to catch up with Downton Abbey and craft – best afternoon plan ever!  My main project was to make a button brooch.  While I was looking for something in my jewellery-making drawer, I found one of the sieve backs which I use to make my button brooches.  I thought I had run out, so this was an added bonus.  I just need to source some more now…  seive brooch back

I had a good rummage in my button collection to find a nice selection of purple and lilac buttons.  I particularly like the flower patterned and lacey patterned ones.  purple button brooch

I got the idea from the Bead Simple book which I had as a present from a friend a couple of years ago.  The visuals and ideas in the book are great, and very easy to adapt to your own tastes.  Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration!

bead simple book

Out of all my jewellery books (and I have a few) I always go back to this one, as it is not too twee and the ideas are actually pretty simple and do-able with often minimal supplies.


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