Pearl anniversary card

I made this card to mark my parents Pearl wedding anniversary.  This is going to be a bit of a tutorial, although overall the project is fairly simple albeit quite time consuming! beaded heart cardIngredients

  • lots and lots of beads
  • Needle and thread (I couldn’t find my beading needle but a normal small sewing needle worked fine)
  • piece of scrap card
  • thick card as backing
  • ribbon
  • decorative papers/bits if you want to embellish further


Cut a shape out 2 of yours shapes, one from the scrap card and one from the backing card.  Thread your needle and then start beading by sewing each bead into place.  I worked from the centre and then moved outwards, using different size and shape pearls to fill all the gaps.  Once finished, if it looks slightly wobbly, cover with some mod podge (which dries clear).

Once it is dry, sew your ribbon into place on the back, shown below.  beaded heart back

Finish up by using more glue to stick the beaded shape onto your backing card.  The decoration is really heavy, so you do need some sturdy backing card.  Add your embellishments as required, I put a small label on the ribbon, as you can see from the main picture.

It would also work well with buttons, although I am very precious about my button collection 🙂
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6 thoughts on “Pearl anniversary card

    • Thank you very much! I was trying to think why I recognised your name, and it is because I bought some paper from you which I use all the time for little projects 🙂

    • Hello Ana,

      Thanks for the lovely feeback 🙂 I love your blog, just been to have a look. I like the book cover, I made something similar for my mum last year – it took ages to work out how to make it so it fitted any size. I think I will use your idea next time! x

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