Butterfly pop up card

As it is almost my grans birthday, I decided to have a go at making a card.  First of all, I made this card below, which uses the flat paper flowers which I used to make my paper garland a while ago. flat paper flower card

But then last night, I was perusing Pinterest for something else and found this tutorial for a butterfly easel card.  It looked so good, I just had to have a go!  The lovely lady whose blog it is has included a pdf and a fancy pattern if you have a digital die-cut machine.  I used the pdf and resized as best I could on word and got busy with my craft knife. butterfly card standing

It took me AGES to make, mainly because my paper was quite thin, and I have put double/triple layers in place to give the card some stability (this involved a lot of cutting!).  Although I cut out enough bits to do a small and a large butterfly, I couldn’t get it to sit properly.  This is probably where my dodgy resizing comes in!  As it needs to be posted and survive Royal Mail, I decided to just use a big butterfly and embellish it a bit.  I used some foam pads to stick on the smaller butterfly and then added an old stamp I had in my stash.

I hope you like it, I am pretty pleased with the end result.


Let me know your thoughts!

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