Adding a collar to a dress

My sister has this navy dress, which used to have a large sailor-style collar on it.  She didn’t like it though (and I have to agree it kind of spoiled the line of the dress) so I had a go at revamping it a bit for her.  I decided to go for a little lacy collar in a contrasting colour.  The first step was to cut off the original collar (very fiddly!), and this done I pinned the bright pink lace into place.  Then for sewing – again quite fiddly as I didn’t want the stitches showing through the lace and I also wanted the inside of the dress to not look too bad.  navy dress with collar

When I had sewn it all in place, the lace wasn’t sitting quite right at the back, probably because straight lines don’t like curves that much.  So I sewed the bottom of the lace in place too and it sat much better.  I really like the overall look now of the dress, and you can definitely see the line of the nice floaty dress better.  My sister is a fan (I hope, or else she was just being nice!)

Let me know your thoughts!

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