Old school craft resources

This is just a bit of a random post to share some old school craft resources/pieces of social history.  The first is an old copy of Needlewoman and Needlecraft which my gran gave to me.  It had been lurking in her work box for around 50 years.  It even has all the bird transfers stapled inside, which I would love to use but don’t want to – if that makes any sense!

The wording in it is absolutely great, for example the first page starts with –

Dear Reader

Don’t you think the atmosphere of summer has been captured to perfection in this gay issues of the magazine?  The lovely cushion and refreshing picnic set, the breezy yachts and the Swiss flower motifs will make your fingers simply itch to get busy making some of the designs; and the cotton blouses should find favour with all our knitters and crocheters.

I particularly like the page on waffle weave, apparently “So simple a child can do it!”

waffle weave

I also want to share the best £1.25 I have ever spent – the centenary issues of Woman’s Weekly magazine from November 2011.  Inside they had a copy of the first every magazine, published in 1911, as well as then and now problem pages, adverts and cover pages.  This article from “come step back in time” has some more information (and other interesting articles too.”  It is the first (an only time) I have brought Women’s Weekly, but as a piece of social history, this issue was well worth the read.

Woman's Weekly First issue facsimile comp copy

The 1911 magazine is fascinating, with lace and crochet patterns, a pin money page, an article about how to become a nurse and, oddly, an article entitled “how I enlarged my bust.”

Does anyone has a collection of old magazines, and has anyone tried any patterns?  I’m always a bit scared, as I know I am not a standard “vintage” size!

Let me know your thoughts!

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