Things to do with yo yo’s continued…

These are project number 2  and 3 of my yo yo making spree.


I made 3 different sized yo yo’s from the same fabric, stacked them and sewed then together.   I then added a small pearl bead for the centre and a brooch back.  Easy as that! yo yo broochEarrings

These need to be fairly small yo yo’s.  I started off with a 4 cm across circle.  Once you have made the 2 yo yo’s, decorate the middle with a sequin or similar to hide the scruffy bits.  I then used a seam picker to poke a hole towards the side of the  yo yo.  I then threaded through a jump ring, and then attached another jump ring to the first one and then attached the ear wire.  The second jump ring is so that the yo yo hangs the right way on the ear wire.  Again, dead easy if slightly more fiddly than the bigger yo yo’s. yo yo earrings

Let me know your thoughts!

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