Things to do with yo yo’s

After my last post I went a bit mad making yo-yo’s .  I used a few different sized circles to make the most of my scrap collection and decided to make a couple of things, the first of which is shown below.  I’m going to pop the other projects into different posts 🙂 yo yos

Firstly, I have previously included a link to little livingstones tutorial on how to make yo-yos, which is pretty self explanatory.  I didn’t hem the edges of my circles first, and they turned out fine.  Some are a little more scruffy, and I may or may not artfully decorate hide the mess with some buttons from my stash.  As I said, it’s a great way to use up scraps and you can make them any size really.  But now for project number 1.

Bunting style garland 

I have a bit of  a thing for bunting, so decided to try a variation on the theme.  Using embroidery floss, I threaded the yo-yos together by putting the needle in at 2 o’clock and coming out at 10 o’clock.  Don’t bring your needle out right on the edge.  Most of my yo-yos are around 5-6 cm and I brought my needle and thread out about 1 cm from the edge.  This means that as you can see in the picture, your yo-yos will sit better on each other and not flip upside down when it is hung up.  To finish it off, I knotted the embroidery thread at each end into a loop and attached some ribbon to make it easier to hang.yo yo close upProject 2 will be coming up soon!



Let me know your thoughts!

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