Embroidery hoop art

I have seen the idea of using an embroidery hoop as a frame for artwork going around computer-land for a few years, and decided to have a go at making my own the other day.  I had a couple of spare embroidery hoops knocking around in my stash – as you do!  The picture below is my first attempt – cwtch means hug in Welsh.  I used some wonderweb to back the fabric scrap heart and appliqued it on using large running stitch all over.cwtch hug embroidery

I made this one too for Fathers Day, to go in my dads new den/”office”. the den embroideryI raided my button stash for the most military looking buttons, the middle one I think is from some French military equipment.  I have no idea how it got into my button stash!

This seems to be the easiest way to finish them off  that I could find.  If you are just hanging it straight on the wall, it doesn’t really matter what the back looks like (although that is not an excuse for scruffy stitching!)  I did find some other tutorials where you can finish off the back with felt circles or even yo-yos.  Talking of yo-yos I now have an urge to make some, distracting me from the challenge of making a door blind…



Let me know your thoughts!

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