Button jar

Inspired by a magazine (Simply Homemade) which I bought a couple of months ago, and my friends amazingly organised craft equipment, I decided to have a go at decorating some old jars and using them for storage.  The look really effective but were easy peasy to make – here are some basic instruction, but to be honest it is a case of letting your imagination run wild! pink button jar


  • Old jam jars or coffee jars, with labels and glue removed
  • Decorative paper
  • Ribbon
  • Luggage labels
  • Any other embellishments which take your fancy e.g. stickers, flowers, sequins
  • PVA glue and paint brush
  • Craft knife


Go mad with the glue, and decorate your jars however you like!

I have a fancy gadget with lets you cut out perfect circles to any size, and I used this to make the lid covering, which was just glued into place.  I decorated my button jar with some small cardboard buttons which I got in a craft kit once, but other than that I just used different sized rectangles of paper to make the labels. small jars

For these 2 smaller jars, I just covered the lids with a paper circle and tied a ribbon with a luggage label around their necks.  I glued a small piece of matching paper to the back of the luggage label, and wrote what was in them on the blank side.

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