Easy Earrings

Earrings are one of the easiest items of jewellery to make, and simple techniques can make any number of different possibilities.  They are also very satisfying  as you know it costs you as little as about 60p to make something which you can spend £3 or more on in a shop – here is some inspiration to get you started.  All of these earrings below were simple to make, but look very different.

Very dangly green earrings

These earrings were easy peasy to make – just one bead with a loop, but due to the fancy ear wire, they look really eye catching.  You can find similar ear wires on Folksy and my big green beads came from Oxfam. green earrings

Mother of pearl pendants

I got this bargain pack of mother of pearl pendants from the Brighton Bead Shop, and used them to make these pendant-style earrings.  The black findings make them look ready for a beach holiday but I also made a classy pair using silver coloured findings and pearl beads.  All you just need an eye pin to thread through the small hole in the pendant, and then a coordinating bead to thread onto the eye pin, which is finished off with a loop. mother of pearl earrings

Bit more fiddly but still easy chandalier style earrings

These ready made hoop findings make effective earrings, but making all the small loops on the eye pins is a bit time consuming.  I have found this kit which makes earrings similar to the ones I made. hoop earringsIn this post showing how to make bird earrings, I’ve given a link to a You Tube video showing how to make tidy loops, pretty much the only technique you need for any of these earrings!


Let me know your thoughts!

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